A message from Creator AE about ISON

7 December 2013


Channeler : Saeko Morishiro with multidimensional language          http://waraikanai.wix.com/etomo-station

Translation from the multidimensional language to Japanese : Nana Usami Translation from Japnese to English: Taki 07 Dec. 2017

Sometimes those people are found who fall in intensive difficulties by speculating negative results based on various information. This is the phenomena that is caused by floating up of sediments when the intensity of light became strong.

This is a sort of exposition phenomena of invisible objects to make them visible.

This phenomena could occur in the whole social systems, from micro to macro ones simultaneously. However, dark phenomena and sediments cannot be kept invisible any more.

At the moment, since crevice of information with regard to ISON and the Sun are found, the following message from the Creator AE will be conveyed for the purpose of clarification of the status quo.

—- ISON is not a comet but a mothership.—–

The mothership ISON is changeable in shape, color and visibility at operators’ will. It can shift the position and change visibility instantaneously. Therefore, it can be stealth in an instance and visible at the next instance at will.

The technology applied to it exceeds far beyond the most advanced earthly scientists and engineers. According to several scientists on the planet earth, ISON lost its mass because of tremendous heat emitted by the sun. But the sun is not a sphere with heated up magma or flame. The sun is an energetic entity highly evolved and gentle but not an entity to burn objects with high temperature. It can be dared to mention that it might be one of the spectrum of God’s love.

The sun is an overwhelming energy itself.

It is impossible to burn off any object approaching to the sun because it is overwhelming love itself and impossible to hurt anyone. The sun is phoenix materialized as a symbol of resurrection with overwhelming energy as is told in the mythologies.


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One Response to “A message from Creator AE about ISON”

  1. scott Says:

    Hi Mythi I have watched all of your videos on YouTube, how can we as human if we want to join you become part of your world.

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