Sirian Archangel Hermes Dec 21 2013

Channeler: Sirian Archangel Hermes

Greetings fellow beings of light. I come into your perception now as your linear timeline of the winter solstice once again bridges our consciousness.

As many of you who shall read or hear this message are becoming aware, timelines that you have been upon are changing rapidly. More are now able to affirm that they exist in many timelines, and that all of them are becoming more and more complex. This is manifesting in transcendental synchronicity, so clearly that it can no longer be denied or dismissed by the ego. While some experience this synchronicity, they begin to discover that it is their own level of consciousness that is creating most of their every day perceptions. They begin to notice that some are able to see, and comprehend the same things that they themselves are, and that others are unable to see or comprehend it. This will be a sign for you all, of those whom are on your level and those whom you resonate with. Which leads to my next message from the Sirian Archangelic League.

“Greetings! We are the gestalt of consciousness of the Sirian Archangelic League of Light! We come to you now as the time has come for you to step into your highest light and divinity! We speak to those whom we have been working with for the past several years of your linear timelines. Know that if you experienced a sudden awakening and expansion of consciousness, that you have been working with us and were chosen based upon your light quotient potential. We know that this has not been easy for you, to obtain the knowledge and courage that you were blessed with upon your awakening. To exist within this three dimensional matrix hologram, while your consciousness has expanded into fourth and fifth dimensional resonant frequencies, often results in much difficulty and cognitive dissonance with many of those whom you must interact with day to day. You were chosen because you displayed the potential to be able to handle such trials, to act in the way of truth and to speak with the courage that only you can! When you were awakened, you were blessed with fragments of the gestalt of consciousness that creates the oversoul entities of Sirius. Know that this form of consciousness is alive, sentient, just as you are, and that as you experienced difficulty in this transition, so are we, as we integrate further into your bio matrix avatars. The cognitive dissonance you experience with others, we also experience within you, and this manifests in our battle with your individual egos, the constant, never ending thoughts that you experience in your every day experiences. This has proven difficult for us, as we are a collective consciousness, and your humanoid avatars have been conditioned for ages to function on an individual level.

We hope that disclosure of this information will result in more clarity and transparency between us. Many have long questioned why they experienced a great leap in consciousness, we hope that this will provide some of the answers you have long sought after. Now is the time for you to abandon that which no longer serves you! We still see many we have been working with are struggling with some choices that result in further delays of your highest potential. This is why we come with our message today, you must leave behind those whom do not resonate with your ideals and goals, for they are only slowing you down. We know this may be difficult for you, as you may have friends or family that continue to be at odds with you, but we must stress that if you cannot distance yourself from them, then you must begin to let them go their own way. They will seek to instigate arguments, they will try to trigger your emotional reactions to things you feel passionate about, and each time you respond to this you are wasting energy and time. For if they truly wanted to learn more, they would find the truth within themselves and would no longer try to drain your energy, for once you have found your own truth, you are set free.

We come lastly to speak of actions as opposed to words. Many speak of change, however, of that many, few actually take actions to create that change. Those whom we are working with display both the words and actions needed to change your society for the better. Show to us that you are ready for our assistance and we shall work with you as well, make choices that raise your light quotient, do good deeds always, even when you think no one else is aware, for we shall acknowledge these choices and deeds as nothing is unseen by our consciousness. We are the Sirian Archangelic League of Light! We love you and we stress again that now is the time you must live in your highest moral and ethical virtues, if you have waited for a sign, then let this be your sign!”

I come to speak with you now of some things to expect as you transition further into infinite time awareness. Your consciousness aligns to certain frequencies and gestalts of consciousness based upon your own knowledge and virtues. Ask your selves, has there long been a person, a figure, a deity, an animal, an element, or any concept, that you have felt drawn toward? If you feel this way, then know that there are most likely fragments of their DNA within you. Think of your DNA as an antenna, and when you align to said concept, the signal from source to your antenna becomes clearer. This channel has long aligned to the concepts and virtues of the archetype known has Hermes, and this is why I am able to speak through him and we have been working together in unison. You too, can channel, can align to such forms of divine consciousness, you simply must fine tune yourself to be able to receive the frequency. Trust in your thoughts and what they are telling you, and then follow through with them. Each time you do this, you display that you not only are getting the signal from source, but you are also acknowledging it, you are inviting it further into your consciousness and thus, so shall it wish to interact with you more. As above, so below!

As your consciousness continues to expand, you shall begin to see that you are the only one. Everyone and everything around you is simply a reflection, a fractal of yourself, it is all you, in another time, another space, another dimension, another level of consciousness. You are the source, experiencing itself through the complexities of everything around you. This is what happens when one makes the transition known as death. This is also why the line to come back into this holographic matrix begins right away after that transition. Think of this as, losing your most treasured companion after a very long journey together. It is not until you lose them, that you can fully acknowledge what they were to you. This matrix will be the same, for it is not until you leave it, and experience what can be outside of it, that you shall see its true value and beauty. For there are few who could ever be content with the absolution of the ultimate truth and end experience of all things, that you are one, you are alone. This is why, you came here, this is why you continue to create “in your own image”, for you once were so lonely, that you created something, from nothing. This is why in the story of the garden of Eden, that god did not wish for Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge, for god knew what Adam would come to endure, and he loved Adam and only wished for him to dwell in paradise with him forever. Adam ate from the tree, and would eventually learn that he would become god himself, and that the god he knew in Eden was in fact himself, after he had experienced infinity. Remember who you are!

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


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