The Horus Collective

Excerpts from Mission to Orion briefing
Channeled by: Krista Raisa

The Horus collective:

The pyramids are constantly changing.
They are sensory programs which are monitoring the Earth’s tectonic plates.
The pyramids have a sensory system for monitoring tectonic plate movements.

The pyramids are not for climbing.
The pyramids are for monitoring. The pyramids are seeing what you are thinking.

The Earth is getting a new layer.

The Horus collective is a very old group.

Waking into a pyramid signifies a shifting in the nervous system.
As you walk into the pyramid, one of the greater ones…
If the pyramid is located one of the grid lines on your Earth,
and you are an antennae of the grid line, wouldn’t you feel a shifting
if you were an antennae of the Earth?
Would you not feel the shifting?

Rakesh from Nederlands:
“How do the three gates with the sphinx, connect the gates in the three dimensions?
How would (you) explain it, how they interact in a triangle?”

On the sphinx: There was two gateways underneath this structure.
In the front and the back are different gateways.
One of the gateways in the center, as well. Third gateway.
Three gateways in one structure.
Souls come in through the front.
When you are entering the center, you bring in planetary energy from
galactic center- from crystal core- through crystal core in your Earth.
The back entrance is where many of you had had ceremonies in the past.
The back is what you would say in the rear of the structure.
There is a site for sacred ceremonies as you call them.

Rakesh from Nederlands: “How does the Lion grids interact with the Giza portal- Giza sacred sphinx?”

Horus collective:
Inside this structure was a very important storage area,
because you have to recognize information is placed in physical objects.
Some gates exist off planet. Some gates exist upon your Earth.
Some gates are multidimensional gates. Some gates have many, many doorways.
Some gates have one doorway. Two gates inside of this structure- the location
of these gates is inside of the structure. You enter through portals inside
of this structure. Walking into it would be as if you are sensing part of yourself
that has not existed on this planet.
Central sun energetics exist within all humans, but walking in between dimensions means
that you have central focus in central sun always. In this galaxy, to travel between
dimensions, you must originate from central sun.
That is a law. That is the law.
When you have streamed central sun frequencies, you can walk between dimensions.
What would be the value in that?

Many who have first begun listening to Horus collective, including the channel,
have to understand, some of you are not supposed to walk between dimensions.
Some of you are not supposed to go inside of these structures.
Because walking in between dimensions means you have other missions in other places.
Some of you have already completed your missions here and so can travel between
dimensions / off planet.

Now for those of you who must finish your missions:
Focus on your mission. It is not so important that you walk between the dimensions
at this very moment because the mission was a contract. This is why many of you are
asking, “How can I be of service?” This means you are in your mission….

Your mission is to ask questions of yourself.
Your mission is to enjoy the wonders of your Earth planet….

When you have completed a mission, you will sense a feeling what we call timelessness.
After you have completed an important mission, you will be sensing timelessness.
You will be sensing that all options are available.
You will also be sensing that you are not quite yourself.
You are sensing that “my body is not quite my own.”
You are also sensing that you might need to simply ground yourself and
meditate and empty the conscious vessel of all concepts.
We say that is a wonderful symptom that you have completed one of your important missions.

And now you are wanting to know, “Well, how many missions do each of us have?”
“And when will it stop? And on what date will I ascend into lightbody and become one
with the collective I once worked with in this time known as the great Egypt?…

One day, you will all organize your collectives together, and you will become a wonderful
beam of light….All beings on your planet are light. All beings on your planet become light.

We want you to know, that in becoming light, a pure beam of light, you are simply
in a state of connection to central sun frequency, becoming aware of all timelines,
having the option to choose in the highest probable future for the evolution of
your collectives, as one stream, and you are in a state of awareness and unity
with all that is, accepting all that is.

Some of you have experienced this several times in this life.
So what do you do now?

The ultimate question for all is “Who AM I? And what do I want for
the greater collective known as God?” And when you are asking every moment of your waking life,
“What does God want, and how can I be of service to All That Is?” You are, perfect.

So Horus collective would like to suggest that in your meditations, you continue
sensing presence of group collectives. Continue sensing the probable timelines.
Remember that the gateways have streams of connectivity, and you can travel upon
these streams in light formation.
Know that when you do this, you are not so focused on physical body.
Know that when you are asking questions of who you are, you are expanding on one
layer of concepts. Accept that you are many concepts. Accept that collectives
are collectives of collectives of collectives. And it continues….

And so it is. Thank you.

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