Brian the dragon

The need for genetic manipulation; and caution
27 December 2013
Brian, the dragon

Hi everyone,

This is the dragon. Our counterpart channeling the message recently watched the Hobbit, which is also a book he read. We just have to say that Smaug is a naughty dragon. In 3d, you may find dragons like that, since it’s just a form in 3d. We are higher dimensional beings. We would say in 3d, approach a dragon with caution. In higher vibrational exploration, you can be a lot less cautious, so don’t feel the need to be a stranger to us. The biggest thing you need to protect yourself in higher vibrational exploration is not something else out there, but instead yourself. Learning to guide (not control) your manifestation based on positive thought is something you are learning right now, and it is one of the most important skills in the higher vibrations. Discernment is of course another, but we digress…

The need for genetic manipulation is a tough topic to talk about. There is much dogma making humans think it’s spiritually a bad thing to do. Much of this dogma came during the ancient “breeding programs” to create a 3d human form for the spirits waiting for bodies to inhabit, or times earlier. Some of it just came as a general warning from visiting beings or channelings. Warnings were passed down in scripture, using the word “seed” for lack of a better word at the time. There are groups opposed to genetic manipulation today for religious, and ecological reasons. And for the latter, there are some genuine things worth being concerned about.

DNA is not the only form of genetic material in the universe, but it is what your bodies are made of. It is extremely complex, and it is entangled with higher vibrational genetic material. At your present pace of progress, which will luckily greatly accelerate, you are still thousands or more years away. If it is assumed your pace of progress will slow and speed up and you won’t always focus on genetics, you are possibly up to a million years away. Luckily, it won’t take that long.

However, at your present point it is ill-advised to do things like try to create new species, and what-not. You do not yet understand enough the repercussions of those actions. You cannot run things in a “Gaia simulator” with computing power unheard of and get a good distribution of possible outcomes of such actions. You have not found all the genes. Sometimes changing one set of genes changes a hidden set you aren’t aware of. Such changes can impact how beings can connect to their god selves, human or not.

Nevertheless, you are in a quandary. Currently, your species is going through a social evolution. That evolution does get impacted by the body, especially for things like aggression, rationality, fight/flight versus coexistence however this evolution is more of a collective transcendence of the traits of the body. Now we’ll get to the quandary: As you ascend, you will focus attention in the higher vibration, however humanity is not leaving the 3rd vibration, just not centering in it anymore. You will still visit. Your bodies are stone aged bodies. They are not suited for the 3d representation of an ascended race on earth, since they will not do what you need. They are just plain inadequate. You can see that simply by how much you struggle to fit your space-aged minds into the framework of what your bodies can accomplish. You can see it by stress. You can see it by how quickly you age. Some beings had to tweak the bodies through soul-guided encounters of their parents to get what they needed. So over the last century, there has been some body evolution but it has been very limited.

Your bodies are a template. That template is currently operating at minimal capacity, operating as a stone-aged body. Your body templates are not limited to that, however they are not seated in 3d but instead in your 5d light bodies and 4d ethereal bodies, blended with your 5d soul attributes. Evolution of multiple forms – selection, deviation, atrophy, hybridization – usually is the mechanism for utilizing more of the 5d template. However, evolution is not going to drive your body to improve in form anymore because you have too much technology to be affected by natural evolutionary processes.

What is the problem? The problem is – as we have said – your 3d bodies are inadequate for the types of beings you’ll become and some of you will want a 3d vessel. In fact, without it, your risk of a fall in vibration is greater.

As such, you will need to genetically modify yourselves. This sounds scary. And due to your lack of understanding of genetics, we can say it is a well-founded concern.

However, like all things, your understanding will increase, and when it is time, you will be guiding this genetic modification from a 12d on down perspective, and you will have 3d counterparts doing the bridging work for that entire process, since that’s how things work in 3d. We cannot give you timing, other than to say the seeds are being planted, but it isn’t something you’re going to see next year. We can also say that it’s probably going to happen much sooner than one thousand years. Part of the challenge with giving timing is that it is largely up to you. We are all observers that are not so entwined with your reality, so our wishes have less direct impact than the impact of the individual channeler’s wishes. As are the wishes of any so-called “ET” presence, typically free spirits, since they are not grounded in your reality either. So it is really your wishes that drive the movement of your reality. We just see the potentials, and from that we give you the obscure range of significantly greater than 1 year to much less 1000 years. If you’re looking for a better target, we will say that some small modifications will go into place in your current century, but a full transformation of your species is still centuries away. In fact, it’ll be one of the last noticeable aspects of the ascension, simply because you will increase vibration first then think, “Oh, yeah, those 3d bodies do need some work”.

It will be perfectly fine with Gaia. In fact, your enhanced bodies will be heading towards a reality where many animal species are also evolving both on their accord and also with some help from humanity. Talking cats and dogs? Dolphins that can build cities? It’ll be interesting that some of these species will pick up trails blazed by humanity, such as speech and technology in some cases, but will also retain uniqueness from your path as a species, such as retaining telepathic ability, which your species temporarily gave up – ignoring a certain number of individuals – and will be re-gaining shortly.

So, what are the attributes you will be seeing slowly develop? We can only see potentials and it’s still up to you, but what we can say is that when you go through this change, you will not be well-adapted for intense long-term physical life on Earth. Not that you can’t still do it, but it’ll be less comfortable as you will be better adapted for short sojourns on Earth then returning to lightbody form and leaving. What we’re saying is temporarily manifesting a body. You’ll be more adapted for sentience and will be operating at a higher vibration. Grounding for too long a time will be uncomfortable, except for a few. There are always exceptions. We aren’t saying you are more weak. You’ll actually be able to manifest stronger bodies. Wrestling a bear will be nothing. However, it just won’t feel right to most of you to play out a linear lifetime. You’ll need more breaks, rest. Other attributes will be less body hair, more healing ability (body and psychic), return of telepathic abilities, other psychic abilities, up to and including teleportation and shape-shifting for some initially and most near the end of the ascension process. You’ll be more androgynous. Many of you will often be popping in and out of the reality, instead of experiencing linear existence. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a generalization. We already said some of you will be able to shape-shift. So some of you will obviously will have more control over your personal attributes than others, and there will also be unique attributes to individuals selected in higher vibrations.

With love,
The dragon


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