Aisha North Jan 2 2014

short update on the energies + Stepping into the New by Aisha North

2 January 2014





A short update on the energies

As this new year starts to unfold, you will all find yourself staring into a brand new space in all sorts of ways, as you have now left the old and outworn energies of 2013 well and truly behind, and you have all taken that first tentative sip of the brand new energies that came in as your calendar shifted from one year to the next. This may sound improbable to many of you, but that is in fact just what has taken place, as you have been taken through a grand shift once again. As usual, only a few of you have yet been able to feel into these brand new vibrations, for they will not make themselves fully announced just yet. Suffice it to say, they are here indeed, although not in full force. For as usual, everything will be taken in increments, so too this, as the levels will be adjusted ever so slowly at first, until you all get back on your feet as it were, and you are able to stand fully upright whilst being exposed to the full and final extent of these new vibrational levels.

This will be news to none of you, as this is how this whole process has been from the very beginning, and it is indeed also how this will continue, at least for a while. For you are also heading for that grand shift itself, the one where all that you have been through so far will be put to the test, it we may use such a word. Remember, these are all preliminary stages, as you are being lifted inch by inch, step by step so that you become fully able to withstand that grand finale, if you will, the big round of energetic bombardment, the one that will shift the very Earth that you step on, seemingly off its axis. We know that this will sound overly dramatic to some, but again, we do not refer to any kind of Armageddon or what have you. We are simply referring to that final and irrevocable shift that you still have ahead of you. But now, as you have finally taken the first sip of the fresh air that came in with this new year, you will soon find yourself hurtling along at a seemingly breakneck speed once again. But this time, you will feel much more confident throughout it all, for this time, you will be far, far better equipped to handle that extra speed.

So take some time to get better acquainted with this new energetic signature that is currently vibrating through you all. It may feel rather unfamiliar at first, but you will soon fall into sync with it, and you will indeed find it to be very much of your liking we think. For this is indeed something that is of a very different nature than the bouts you were pushing through last year, as this year, you will feel more like you are lifted up than pushed headlong through the denser layers around you. For if you do manage to really tune into the new, you will find a brand new lightness around you, as you have indeed emerged from those lower levels where the going could be very, very sluggish at times. But now, you will feel more as if lifted above the fog and up into cleaner, fresher air, where you also will find the visibility to be far better than before. So do not get too despondent if you still find yourself somewhat out of air after the last and final stage of last year. You will soon find yourself picking up speed as you start to sense the new lightness that surrounds you.

Stepping into the New

Dear sisters and brothers!     In a few short hours, we will exit 2013 and enter 2014. Never before has the “me” who is about to enter a new year been so different from the “me” I was twelve months ago, for this has truly been a year of great transformation. Like a sponge, we have been soaked in wave after wave of energy for then to be squeezed out again, in order to rinse out layer after layer of old patterns, old behavior, old beliefs and old programming. And when you thought you were finished, it all started again. But as this year is coming to a close, I sense that this process too is coming to a close, and that the year we are about to step into, will be all about the emergence of the “me” that is the real me, not one of those old versions of myself that I thought was the only one. For now, we will step away from this seemingly endless sequence of soaking and squeezing out, and the real “me” we all have inside, the one that has been waiting for us to discover it, will begin to radiate outwards. So even if this year has left us all feeling more than a little washed out and faint, our light will start to shine stronger and stronger. And as our light starts to gather strength, the effect it will have on the world around us will also increase. For our light will serve to dissipate so much of the old and dense fog still covering much of our globe, and just like the Sun, our light is powerful enough to fill this whole world with a brand new brightness.     So thank you all for that you have brought to this world this year, by allowing yourself to be soaked and squeezed out repeatedly by the incoming light, and by allowing yourself to shed layer after layer of the old. Thank you for shining your light here at the Pond, and for helping it become reality in a way that has surpassed my wildest dreams. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your questions, and for being brave enough to share your frustrations and your fears. Thank you for sharing your joy and your laughter, and your LOVE. Without you, there would be no Pond, and without you, there would be no Gatherings around the Pond, our monthly group meditations that also became reality in 2013.

For we are already in the New, we have already created the very first foundations of the world of our dreams, where we live from the heart, connected to each other and to All of creation in a way that will help so many others to be able to do the same. I am so proud of you, I am so proud of me, and I am so proud of US. For we have each and every one of us worked so hard to wrestle ourselves away from the old and limited version of “me” and prepared us for what we have coming up: the chance to finally step into the New with ALL that we are. So as we leave the old versions of ourselves behind as we exit 2013, I send it all off with a heartfelt THANK YOU, and I open my arms to welcome the brand new – the brand new year, the brand new me, the brand new YOU and the brand new world we will continue to create together.

I wish you all a magical, creative New Year, may it be a fruitful, peaceful and joyful one for us all! And this upcoming Sunday, we can welcome the new year together in our very special way, for then, we will have the first Gathering around the Pond of the year. I am looking forward to seeing you all there, and most of all, to step into the New in your company!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


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