Ray comments on Jan 8 2013

The sun is the key to what happens on our earth in most part. Also the place our solar system is in its circle around our galaxy. There are many other suns light that reach our earth. These all have a big impact on earth. Mother Earth has to adapt to what she is given by all these particles from all over the galaxy. The sun affects us day to day. The other suns affect more on a cycle of time on our solar system path around our galaxy. Some of the suns light that come from deep space hit earth at different times in our cycle around the galaxy. We are getting closer and closer to a place where some of the light hasn’t hit our earth in the last five cycles in a way that they will within the next two years. This is a energy that will open all life to a much higher lever of awareness of our galaxy and all life in our galaxy.

This coming time will be where earth and all beings and life here will change for a love for all that is that hasn’t happened in millions of years. Earth has gone through a lot that kept it from going through this before because of the chaos that our solar system has been in the past. If beings on earth are not allowed to destroy earth this time or beings much more advanced from other parts of our galaxy help prevent this chaos from happening again.

We will join the higher life forms around our galaxy in a way that earth has never before had a chance to adapt to a form that supports a purer life form because it was in so much chaos and wars from other beings from other places. We are the babies of our galaxy and hopefully be helped to grow into our true form with love for all that is and make our galaxy a more loving place to be. A place with no wars no hate all equal and working for the highest advancement for all beings from all place. To let Mother Earth be the place it was meant to be.

Love and blessings to all

Ray said this on January 8, 2014 at 14:31


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