Krista Raisa minireading for Greg

Krista Raisa minireading for Greg

Jan 10 2014

“Orion Council, here. Message is to focus on the light quotient of raising the self. This means on intergalactic highways there exist many points for changing redirection. In directing spaceships of any kind, one must focalize the mental aspect of the self.  Once you have returned to your ship, your imagination becomes amplified. You begin to see all possibilities for communication, travel, abundance, and for learning. This is how many of you create upon the ships. You look to other planets for learning experiences, resources, knowledge, fun.  You are learning to do this on a minute scale on your planet earth.  Some working for the councils, have direct access to knowledge databases. You are one of these creatures. In a sense, we mean this in the best way possible, as you are working for several groups at once.

… Greg, I have to interrupt and clarify that I feel this information is not coming directly from the Orion Council, rather, it is a blending of my higher self speaking, which you may know from other planets, and the blending of that with the council.  On with the show…

Upon your planet, there exists several connections to other planets. When you travel, you become sensitized to these locations which amplify through vortexes, the energies of other planets. They are somewhat like a docking stations or antennae.

We wish to clarify that in these docking stations, we exist in only light form. Upon becoming physical, we have to take precautions, this transmission is coming through the channel from a ship, as our channel has so gently noticed. The Orion Council is monitoring this translation. We are working for the Orion counsel. We are Essassani.

Our channel is amused that this is her first channeling of us through the conduit known as Krista.  Everything is arranged in the ethers, as etheric adjustments are made mostly when you are in Dream State.  We watch over many of you at this time. We are monitoring safety measures, of specific beings on your planet, who need special, we are looking for the word, we cannot find a word to explain our job. It is difficult to just describe certain job procedures, in your terminology, but consider it is sort of protection and safety that we have over many of you.  Over time, your species will develop Communications Satellites, that receive direct input from our craft. We are still focused on delivering messages of lights, to show benevolence.



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