Adama on Fulfilling Your Soul Mission

 15 January 2014


Note: A client gave me permission to share part of her Chat with Adama. This conversation has three energy transmissions from Adama that were originally given to my client but Adama is joyfully available to each of you reading this. If you want to receive a gift of energy mentioned here, simply pause your reading and tell Adama directly that you would like to receive the energies too. Take a deep breath and the energies will come. I put a * to indicate where the gifts of energies are.

The impression that I am getting is that you are wondering if this goal you have would be in alignment with your soul mission? That hesitation is keeping your dream from manifesting smoothly.

Adama is going to touch your brain now, he will be communicating to you a minor shift in your thinking, which will help you very much.* He is saying that it’s actually quite impossible NOT to fulfill your soul mission.

There is a general idea we tend to have that causes a fear in us about making the “wrong” choice– but actually, that fear is what causes our inability to move forward.

He’s saying that no matter what you do or where you live, you will be fulfilling your soul mission. He’s saying your job is not so much whether or not you do your soul mission, but to choose HOW you want to do it.

It’s like… your soul mission is to create a piece of art, right? But there are infinite ways to do it! You could paint, drawn, use a camera, sing, dance, do stand up comedy, etc etc! So the question is not if you are doing your soul mission but what brings you the most joy in living your soul mission every day.

What brings you delight? For when you are feeling happy, alive, vibrant, that is when your soul mission more easily comes to the surface of your conscious awareness and of your life, that is when you are finding yourself even more easily in alignment with spirit.

I see Adama again hugging you, as if he is proud of you. He also wants to give you a gift, to help you with this shift in understanding and approaching your soul mission. He is sending energy to your solar plexus, to empower you to make these actions that you are longing to make.*

He would also like to open more broadly the passageway between your solar plexus and your heart chakra, may he do that? This will help your actions to be EVEN MORE in alignment with your true heart’s desires.*

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