Names of ISON escort ships

Jan. 8, 2014

Supplemental message concerning ISON and the Vessel Sphere

Dear Ones,

Many know that the Ascended Masters work together according to the Plan, work in Unison towards One goal and vibrate at that flow. The cloaked Vessel under the Procyon guidance is spraying its spread accordingly in January. Each meteor call is of this spread, be it smaller, if bigger, know it is controlled and steered. The Work of the Ascended Ones is coordinated with the Galactians, the Light Ones of and IN your skies. You will SEE them work with this and not against you! Again, there will BE rumors of this not BEing so. The grand design will BE occurring through places of upheavals and lessened energy.With changes being made IN its Path!

The Vesseling Sphere entering now is to remain in a cloaked energy field until All is IN a go. We adhere to you ALL to adjust your energy fields into Love, for transmutations are here to INspire you. We collect, regenerate and mulch love into Flowing Streams.

The Rainbow it will bring will BE SEEN, as Pillars of Light will Rain down in Bows. Prepare to BE surprised. The Sphere called Xantarex or X-antarex, is accompanied by two Procyon Battle Ships, guarding, steering and guiding. Also the Ashtar Command has provided cloaked guiding ships for this endeavor. The Procyon ships are called Gobritsjaia and Natsjoerits.

BN: The names, they sound Russian?

St. G: Procyon look Caucasian my friend, or also, Nordic looking, as you know. Two captains of these ships are Moratch and captain Kadush. Their mission is: Bringing Home!

The clash of energy of transformation will BE for you to crystallize your BEings, in energy ashined with Love Golden…remain aware.

We give this information with Love and Care for All.

As Nietzsche once said: … “The world is a dark offspring of colors! ”

Now it is time to Enlighten in Golden shine.

I AM St. Germain.

BN: TY St. Germain for this new message and information. I do not know Nietzsche, but will try to look for that one, or of the similar wordings, if I can find it…

(channeler: B.Nijboer)



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