This year: Start slowing down

21 January 2014


Hi everyone,

This is the dragon. Everyone moves at a different pace, to a slightly different rhythm within the great mix of harmony and discordance you call mankind. So, we want to make sure that it’s understood that when we talk about one year being the year of something, we’re talking in general, energy-wise, for the whole of mankind. For some people, it will be next year and others the year before. And then some people are on a completely different path. It’s up to your own personal discernment filters to figure out the timing for yourselves, or if this message even applies at all. We feel that it will apply for a good many of you.

We have said before that your 2013 was the great year of clearing. Clearing doesn’t stop now that we’re in another year. However, 2013 was special in that it was the start of the great clearing of energies on earth to continue for centuries. As such, it was also the greatest intensity of clearing. It was also a difficult year for many. This year starts a new focus on getting something else up and running, which will continue.

This year, is the start of time for humanity to slow down, both individually and as a society. You have been busy playing catch-up with where you imagine yourselves being. There was a great fall in vibration, talked about in many of your spiritual literature. To keep things simple, we’re going to call it a drop in consciousness, because it’s really a combination of many factors including density, vibration, harmony and lower vibration isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself. Anyway, this was intentional, not by accident. You wanted more experience of lower consciousness. And, keep in mind we’re only talking from a linear social perspective. Your spirits were free to come and go as they pleased life after life. They didn’t have to sit through the whole thing. You picked and chose and spent the rest of their conscious thought as much higher vibrational beings. But the society in this reality does have a history of going through this “dark spell” and you as an individual have to honor that, even if it wasn’t your soul’s experience (the benefit of bringing a different experience to the table isn’t lost on the incarnate expressions, however).

However, you had a goal that in this expression of reality, that you – meaning your incarnations in linear time – were going to hit a bottom and bounce back before the lower consciousness sunk in too much and started to become destructive to not only Earth but other realms. If you go back, it becomes quite obvious that the bottom of your drop in consciousness was after the fall of a few great empires, where much of consciousness was concentrated in the East and New World, with some enlightened forms of government for their time including but not limited to the Greek empire at its height, China, and the Mayans. The West was going through great turmoil. And then things eventually even collapsed in the consciousness centers as well, and the whole world descended further into lower consciousness, epitomized by loss of knowledge, burning of literature, war-lust and other things. Some, seeing this destruction of light-giving awareness, felt compelled to hide important information to protect it from destruction. Sometimes this made things worse, sometimes better. However, enough information survived that you didn’t have to start from scratch. It may be hard to believe, but this was your lowest point. Not only did you lose much of enlightened culture and virtually descend into what you’d call barbarism, essentially prolonged bloodshed and suffering, but you had already eradicated most of the natural knowledge you had from those religions you called paganism, from shamans, and others. So you were very lost in general, but a few people kept the flame alive, hidden in vaults in both what you call the old and new world, for a later date. Some of it was destroyed, but some of it survived, and some of it is still left to be found but becoming less important since you started to get it.

And that’s what we call “catching up” since – and we are still talking linear time – for almost the last millennium humanity has been very busy picking itself up by its bootstraps and raising its consciousness very rapidly. From an external perspective, you just don’t see things like this very often. Within a few hundred years, you had regained most of your lost knowledge across all of society, and within a few more hundred years, all of it plus had leap-fogged where you had been. Now, from a linear perspective (Atlantis is not truly a linear past but alternate reality of today) you are the farthest along you have ever been. Congrats!

But that does bring a little baggage along with it. You have been so busy like bees rebuilding your civilization, you haven’t given yourself the time to really just relax as a civilization. Some individuals and artists have, but not your civilization as a whole. Time to just relax and smell the roses, to truly reflect on where you are.

That time is about to hit you like a frying pan. It starts this year. Now that you’ve personally cleared a lot out of the way, and started clearing things across the civilization, it is going to start to hit you that you’ve been running around like chickens with your heads cut off. You are the creators, but from a collective perspective, you’ve only been guided by your souls in so far as possible while still giving the appearance of you running around like chickens with your heads cut off. You would make a good ant colony, perhaps. However, it’s time you act like the creators you are and start to bring some of that soul-level consciousness down into your bodies and…

… So we’re not saying don’t do great things anymore. We’re saying slow down and make room for those great things. Start to take advantage of the clearing in your lives that really ramped up last year and keep it going. Start eliminating things that don’t serve you, that drag you down. Prioritize from a spiritual perspective: What is spiritually efficient – e.g. what creates the most diversity and widest perception with the most freedom of consciousness. What allows you to tap more of your potential? (And you only see the tip of the iceberg yet). Follow and explore new opportunities and give them a bit of a chance. So, what do we clear and what opportunities do we look for? That’s individual. Trust your own intuition and look for synchronicities.

When we say it will hit you like a frying pan, we say that it will happen regardless. You are going to find it counter-productive to continue operating the way you have been. It will start to seem to not make much sense. You are going to feel the urge to slow down. The way things worked in the past won’t work as well. “Sleep on it” will have a whole new meaning. You have over seven billion bodies running around, not manifesting as well as a million properly tuned individuals could. That will change.

Do you know what happens when you have over seven billion – soon to be ten billion – expressions of consciousness working together in a semi-harmonious fashion vs a controlled fashion? Are you aware of what you are capable of, humanity?

And with that note, we are going to leave you with a parable. It’s one that maybe has not been heard on Earth before, because it does not completely apply to your current reality. Maybe it has. We don’t know. It’s about a gardener. But under the surface it’s about a lot more.

The gardener is out in his garden, gently shaping it, totally content with the beauty and nature. All around him, the hussle and bussle. People ask the gardener, “Why don’t you do more? You just tend your garden”. But what they don’t realize is that this garden is producing more for the world than anything else. They can’t see in their busy lives that the garden is the most beautiful thing in the world. Because, this gardener is not just tending a garden, but projecting the beauty of this garden to the world around him, with intense ripples of energy shaping everything. The gardener is aware of this. The garden is his tool for manifesting change, and it also brings him great peace and solitude and allows him to quiet his mind so he can reflect.

The world AND YOU are transforming for this kind of thing to finally work efficiently. Once enough figure it out, the beauty really sets in.

With love, The dragon


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