Brian the Dragon: Masters: So good at apathy

 24 January 2014 – 4:50pm


Hi everyone,

This is the dragon with the Brian, blended.

You are masters. There are more masters on Earth at this time, than there has been in history. We are using masters in the sense that many of you use: One that has ascended and has a greater understanding of physicality, typically through experience. For, all beings bring the same connection to all-that-is, and are all truly the same. Different facets through the kaleidoscope of the veil, but still all the same being.

As masters, you have much life experience. You carry the attributes of patience and impatience, but you have mastered patience through your experience. You have mastered understanding and honoring people not being ready for certain things. You have experienced what happens when you bring your beauty and it is attacked. So you learn to wait and you get very good at it.

Fellow masters, apathy is easy for a master. You can find contentment in the simple things. What is another life? No reason to create a stir, no reason to create waves. Apathy is easy. Apathy is comfortable.

You are powerful creators. People sense that. They are drawn to your power. You hide it. You are very good at hiding it.

Know yourself, no what you bring. Love yourself. Love yourself so much you cannot be apathetic any longer.

Feel when synchronicities occur. Take advantage of them. That’s what feels right. That’s what feels natural. Do what you came to do, through synchronicity. The universe will provide what you need. Just reach out and take it.

It is time. No more waiting. Open your eyes. Look around. Find what you are looking for.

With love, The dragon


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