Angel Message “Who are you?”



Dearest Beloved,

Angelic Greetings from the Higher Realms.

Who are you? Why are you existing ?

We hear your many questions of despair and confusion.

Allow us to put your weary mind at ease and take you on a journey beyond concepts and limitation, as we take your hand Beloved, and carry your heart to deep clarity and peace of mind. This is a place where you can listen with your Heart and surrender your heavy thoughts.

You are perfection right now in this moment Beloved. Every sacred breath you take offers a potentiality to remember your wondrous beauty of Divinity. Every breath offers the remembrance of your uniqueness and specialness of you, without you having to do anything or to go anywhere. Pure remembrance Beloved, as you feel deep within your heart. Your Heart knows the Truth. The Divine truth of who you are. The Truth of your Soul.

There is nowhere else except this place of sweet surrender. The deeper you surrender to this place of magic divine love, you will know all your dreams come true, because your dream is guided and felt from your pure soul knowing and desire, rather than from your limited thoughts of wanting something from a place of limitation.

We are merely offering a perception shift Beloved. A “risk” perhaps of going beyond the mundane rigid beliefs of the mind, and instead, now, feeling from your Heart. The Heart knows your truth, simply listen. Listen to your soul and your Heart’s desires deep within your memory of God’s unique and special Creation of YOU. In this moment of your exalted existence in your superb human vessel on Planet Earth. YOU are the Miracle! You are the Dream ! YOU are EVERYTHING right NOW. YOU are so LOVED …we are the Angels.. via LIORA ©

All Rights Reserved


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