Adama’s Suggestions for Changing Your Life

 28 January 2014


This is part of a transcript from a Chat with Adama that my client gave me permission to share.

There are 2 energy transmissions that originally came through for my client but you can receive a similar transmission. When you see * then just say “Yes, thank you.”

Question: I have been in this disastrous and abusive marriage since 30 years. I now wish to experience love, peace, harmony, trust, respect, to be cared for.. I am done with pain, problems, and I don’t want to hurt anymore.

Response: Adama is lifting his arms up and taking the hurt and pain and sadness and fear from you. Let it go… just like the river flows, let the pain go*.

I am now feeling the presence of your Twin Flame… who is currently in Heaven. He would like to send his MOST PERFECT love to you. Would you open your arms and receive it into your heart?* I am seeing your twin flame’s love flowing into your heart and down into your solar plexus to empower you to make changes.

Adama says that you are more than capable of making changes in your life. You are a divine being and your dreams will come true. He says to start with a small change, any small change, and make that change. Then, make another small change, and another until suddenly you find your life is radically different.

Question: So what should I do to experience love, what changes should I make?

Response: To experience love, Adama suggests that you spend time every day receiving love from the Divine.

You know how a child holds his arms up to his mother, to be held and loved and nurtured? That is what you are to do, hold your arms up like a child, up to the Heavens, up to the Cosmos and the Divine Mother will send her love down to you. You will feel the love flowing into your belly and filling you up, charging you up.

Adama suggests that a change you consider making is simply this: to speak when you would have previously not spoken. Speak gently and kindly, but speak honestly and do not allow fear to keep you silent.

Second, he suggests that you start to make requests to the people around you. Simply say “I request that you —–” For example, “I request that you treat me with respect.” This you don’t have to say out loud, you can speak it to his heart. His heart has much honor and will hear your request.

Third, Adama suggests that you pay attention to your personal vibration. You can change your vibration from fear to strength of heart.

So, for example, if you want to be treated with respect, you must vibrate self respect. Do you respect yourself? Ask your aura to vibrate Self Respect. Any time you feel disrespected, turn your attention away from the person disrespecting you and look at your own energy; ask your energy to shift into self respect, take a few deep breaths and allow it to shift. It will shift. Then, turn your attention back to that person and give them your respect. Don’t return disrespect with more disrespect.

You can do this with ANY change you want to make. If you want to be trusted, then you must vibrate with trust. Trust yourself and trust other people. Ask your vibration to harmonize with trust. If you want to experience love, then you must vibrate love. And so on.

The single most powerful thing you can do is to pay attention to your personal vibration, every day. Is it putting out fear? Then change it to trust. Is it putting out loneliness? Then change it to fullness of Divine Love.

Do this every day and you will find that it will need to be changed less and less. As your vibration sends out the frequencies of what you DO want to experience, life will change around you, without your effort. You won’t have to TRY to change your life, it will just happen.

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