More E.T. races- the Altars and the Blue Ray Beings

Many people who follow me know that I have had contact with many different races of our Star Family. Some of these include the Greys and the Pleiadians. I have also had contact with other races that are not well known, the Altars and the Blue Ray Beings. The Blue Rays of the 12th dimension were my last encounter. I was taken in their vehicle from my house 3 nights in a row (more about this later). I actually see them (in the physical world) and connect with them energetically as I do their ships. Many of them are interdimensional, meaning they can travel back and forth between dimensions. We do this too but many humans are not conscious of it yet. Others have hovered over my house for days at a time and then appearing to me just as they they are leaving.

The way to have contact will include steps to be taken to open the persons consciousness enough that the ET’s can be seen. The first step is to remove all fear based thinking from your heart about making contact with them. Be open to all races, genders, beings on this planet first. Which includes to have unconditional love for all forms of consciousness because EVERYTHING on planet earth is alive, it has just changed form in some way or another. Yes, I do mean everything.

This means do not judge others by how they look, ugly or beautiful, disabled or not, gender biased, same sex preference, hetrosexual, whatever they are or how they look. Work to accept everyone, the homeless, the mentally ill ( the society term; really they are just plugged into another reality), in any condition the being appears. When we judge others in this way, we are setting up a system of not letting other realities and beings that look different from us into our consciousness. This in itself will raise a persons vibration when we go beyond how someone looks, their life preferences or life path they have chosen for themselves in this lifetime.

The second step is to work to bring our Star Family into your awareness, This means accept the fact that they are here and have always been here. They have had a hand in human beings evolution. They have helped us from the beginning. It is not enough to just realize they are here, you will need to bring the concept fully into your consciousness and accept it as a fact. This is what opens up the floodgates for the ET’s to make contact with us and appear as they have done with me and will continue to do so. To bring something into your consciousness means that you fully accept something, a new concept or reality with no resistance. This takes practice for those that have never done this. This creates a reality change within yourself, as you are now aligning more and more in TRUTH. This means you take this reality into the CORE of your being, and now you are in a NEW reality.

The third step is raise your vibration and awareness. This can be done in many different ways and it will speed the process to open the third eye and keep it open. How will you know if your third eye is open? You will see or communicate with beings from other dimensions. How to will raise your vibration is to not focus on anything negative at all and work to only keep and maintain your focus on positive outcomes and scenarios. Do not look at any fear based material or doom and gloom type of information. Do not buy into any time frames as time is not a factor in other realities. There is never any fear that needs to be felt, if you work to eliminate fear from your reality, your vibration will instantly raise on it’s own. Any form of violence will lower a persons vibration, this means engaging in arguments, looking at violent pictures or movies, playing violent video games. Stay away from anything that would make you loose consciousness, as the goal is to raise it, not lower it.
Et’s and our Star family vehicles can appear in broad daylight, as they all have done with me. The Et’s themselves have appeared right in my house. There is no need to go outside and look at the bright stars at night, they are here just as much in the morning and the middle of every day. Time is much better spent making sure we are raising our vibration so that they can connect with us. We can open up to the reality that they are here, and just waiting to make contact with more humans, so more and more humans will accept them. We do not need disclosure. We know they are here, and the more humans can accept them for who they are and remove the fear based thinking towards them, the more they will make themselves known.
As I have said many times, Ascension, Psychic awareness and ET’s go hand in hand. This is because they all include accessing other dimensions. The more we can make progress in one area, the more we will make progress in others as well. We are Multidimensional beings, now we can see that, we can make contact with more and more races of our Star Family. This then lets us raise the consciousness of not only ourselves but all of our brothers and sisters. We choose to accept all beings exactly as they are, unconditionally loving them, without resistance.
Love Diane
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  1. Pocahontas Says:

    If I may ask, when they present themselves to you in your home, is it physical or like one would imagine as a vision?

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