SaLuSa from Sirius Feb 7 2014

SaLuSa  7 February  2014

Progress is still being made to bring  you release from the many conditions and restrictions that have been placed   upon you by the cabal. For the time being it suits our purpose to let certain  restrictions remain, allowing us to work towards completely releasing you from  their control. With our ability to see what is taking place we can keep one step  ahead of the cabal and restrict the degree to which they can impose themselves  upon you. For example in recent times many attempts have been made to start  another world war. Each time we have blocked such attempts and will continue to  do so. In fact we acted recently so as to stop the commencement of intended  hostilities that would have led to another world war. Be assured that there is  no way it would be allowed, and such commitment by us is a guarantee of eventual  world peace.

Over a long period of time covering  many years, we have been able to make you feel secure because of the presence of  our ships. Now there are few people that are unaware of us and view us as a  threat to humankind. It has been our intention to gradually gain your confidence  and trust for a many, many years, and overcome the image that has been projected  to show us a threat to you. There is as a result so many of you who welcome the  idea of contact with us, and accept our assurance that we come in peace. Indeed,  we come as your brothers and sisters who have been linked with you through the  ages, by a common interest in bringing Mankind the truth. Hitherto the sources  that you have trusted have manipulated it in their own interests, to keep you  under their control. (***Religion & Government) The saddest aspect is that you  have been held back in your evolution and understanding of who you are.

Now the circumstances are different as  you are being lifted up by the incoming energies, that are continually  increasing in vibration. You are absorbing more Light and have an increasing  ability to discern the truth. However, it also means that the gulf between you  and those who refuse to contemplate it is growing wider. There is no need to be  concerned about them, as all souls will eventually arrive at the truth in the  ever ongoing journey that all souls make. Indeed, you are now urged to follow  your own path, so as to be fully prepared for the enlightenment that is coming.  As ever be discerning but also open to new information, as the revelations to  come will open your eyes to much that has deliberately withheld from you.

The weather in many parts of the world  is causing extremes to be experienced, and this is a prelude to more settled  times. In the future, all people will experience more changes that will settle  into a more moderate weather pattern without the extremes you are experiencing  now. This all takes place because of the higher vibrations and eventually  nothing will remain of the lower ones. There is much to look forward to and  perhaps the most welcome aspect will be the cessation of war and warlike  preparations. You will no doubt realize that a vast sum of money is invested in  war, and the search for new and more terrifying weapons. Dear Ones do not worry,  there will be a time coming when there will be an end to everything connected  with wars. Defensive needs are another consideration and we have the Galactic  Forces who will keep law and order.

The times you are currently  experiencing will begin to calm down, and you may have noticed that there is a  new impetus for countries to seek peace. It is a struggle as the dark Ones try  to hold onto their power, but it will be to no avail as the vibrations continue  to lift up. You will find that there will be a new mood amongst those who are in  the armed forces, as the futility of war is realized. Mankind is changing his  outlook and peace is being sought after millennia of destruction and loss of  life. Buildings can be re-built but the loss of a souls life has such  repercussions on all of those connected with it. It has taken Man a long, long  time to come to this realisation, and the future looks bright as peace on Earth  becomes the new goal.

Some ask why they are incarnate at  such a time, feeling that they have no particular purpose. However, no soul is  here without reason and whatever it may mean to the individual, all have  something to learn or contribute. You are Beings capable of immense love and  have a capacity for unconditional love of all souls. Once you have reached such  a stage, you are truly a higher soul who understands the Oneness of all life,  and that You Are All One.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and pleased  once again to be able to address you. You are now opening up to the Truth and  capable of understanding it, and more importantly applying to your everyday  experiences.  For some these end times are hectic and very trying, but it is the  final clearing of karma accumulated over many lives. Be assured that you would  not be is such a position unless you were capable of handling it. So accept your  experiences with good heart, as they are your final tribulations in this  dimension.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.


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