Deep Heart and the Art of Dimensional Bi-Location

 14 February 2014


When Jesus came onto Earth he ushered the Piscean Age. Pisces is a water sign that works with the entire scope of emotion in evolution. We are now into the Aquarian Age. Aquarius is an air sign that works directly with the mind. My position is that it took us 2,000 years to understand our gut feelings, so why should we abandon them as we approach realization? Of course, we have to understand all the new properties of our minds and the new vibrations Earth is receiving. I want us all to position ourselves where we can cry deeply at the drop of a hat. Such moments are in your future so do not forget how to cry. Remember hard laughter that brings us to tears is the same as tears of sorrow or pain.

The approach to the altar of reunion carries many memories of ancient evenings and spans lives from monasteries to pyramids. Paths to sacred monuments and altars will abound in your space. Just remember, we never grieve; we only seek celebration. Do not betray yourself with illness; the time for seeking nurturing has juxtaposed to the altar of grace. All elder souls are really whole and cannot see it but the altar allows us to feel it. So many moments of feeling are ahead. Even some elements of personal forgiveness bring tears of joy as it is all light.

The endearment to Earth’s populations is all about compassion – particularly passion for those less gifted than yourself. What I have noticed in Tucson is the amazing amount of adult children in place. We understand drugs and alcohol will stunt the emotional growth of an individual soul. Nothing better illustrates this than the huge mass of adult children of all ages here. I think a short cut to the compassion route of realization is to see them all as your children seeking your love.

I’ve paired dimensional work with the heart segment because one naturally feeds the other. There will be many who will seek to do the entire focus of realized activity within the Earth’s grid system and vortex system. Some souls are very old – almost geriatric by nature. Their level of sensitivity – especially when their individual vibration takes on an ascended connotation – cannot deal with vibrations that are fiercely locked into illusion. They have worked in the grid systems of their incarnate area and do not often move a great deal. Bi-location in a fifth-dimensional setting is not simple. It’s also known as vortex jumping and it involves the higher self and the akashic framework of past lives.

As individual past life that has incarnate knowledge of a vortex system in Greece, let’s say, can draw your light body to that fifth-dimensional setting and orient you to the grid patterns. There are other aspects to bi-location which focus on lifestyle if desiring to alienate yourself from humanity in a physical mannerism. Bi-location demands efforts in vegetarian, vegan and raw food disciplines. Like healing, the intent is all that matters and your spirit fully understands sincerity.

Dietary disciplines are important because lighter diets allow longer Delta and Theta biorhythmic sleep states. This is where bi-location is most active. Sugars and meats tend to metabolize in random patterns whereas vegetables tend to follow a consistent medium. There are other disciplines that exist for this spiritual activity and many just rely on ending food and beverage intake by 6PM and performing intentional transcendental type meditation in the evening. Prolonged mental asana positions are favorable. Visualize a fixed object against a fixed background and hold the object in your mind for several minutes.

Dimensional bi-location is taxing on the body. It might be compared to getting hydro-colon therapy where the electrolyte structure of the body is drained. This also occurs in energy work and perhaps is more of a similar effect. When arriving at another set of vortexes you will first work the surrounding grid patterns. The past life entity that assists is channeling a group of thought forms which you are permeating into the grid. This is then introduced into the astral plane for awareness. The next phase deals with placing your energy into a group effort with local grid workers around vortex heads. The top of the vortex will appear as a crystalline circle normally a quarter mile in diameter. Some are much larger while others somewhat smaller; most vortexes have anywhere from two to three hundred light bodies in force. The aggregate energy merge creates an almost blinding light in the astral plane. Younger light bodies flock to it like gnats to a summer porch light.

This is where most of your energy will be expended. Bi-locating to the location where you will work is quick but the return path is much slower as you are allowed to view other vortex complexes on the way back. It is also quite popular to visit ancient vortexes you have not been able to visit in your physical life. Machu Pichu, Stonehenge, Pyramid vortexes in Egypt, Tibet, Kealakekua Bay in Hawaii, and Mt Shasta in northern California are only a few of the many visitation areas.

Bi-location will not occur more than twice a week. The morning after demands vitamin C and specific proteins. There will be a period of lethargy before your biorhythms readjust. You will notice a growing peacefulness in your heart. There cannot be enough said for those who make a concerted effort in their dharma to influence conscious improvements globally. The majority of you, of course, will have to find another manner of influence but bi-location will become more common as the harmonics that facilitate psychic connections are slowly improving. They directly gravitate towards more clarity when the masses are in less conflict.

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