AA Haniel and AA Ariel Message for 17-23 February 2014

 21 February 2014

Turn from your NOW and take a look your path, layer by layer; how you have progressed changing, transforming. See that as you leave the pain, what you have actually experienced has turned to abundance, know that what you think is lost, is actually for the better at every moment. Every moment you have seen the darkness, you have passed through it, you have increased the light. By accepting it, by facing it, you have completed your pieces. It is time to take a huge breath and celebrate. By socializing, you are at the time where you feel you have everything. Let gratitude wrap you in harmony, in your heart with every breath. This week, you are closer to the new, towards the times when you have collected your washed and cleansed pieces in all times, continue doing what it is that you are doing. Stay in practice. As you move, experience, you remember your talents, easily. Stay among the crowds by sharing, seeing new places, experiencing your abundance. May abundance and harmony be with you. Just allow to take in the Joy, Love and Light that comes from the Divine in waves. You are expanding and growing.

Love and Light.

ArchAngel Haniel & ArchAngel Ariel


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