Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel Message for 24 February-02 March 2014

 23 February 2014


You are emerging out of your cocoon, and some of you are in their final stages, as you emerge from the cocoon your wings expanded step by step, as it grew you became tenser, more restless in your places.

Sometimes during your metamorphosis there were waiting periods that felt long to you, sometimes during this wait you lost what you were transforming for. Yet, you are always connected. It is time to split these cases (shells) and to be out in the open. You are in the moments where you notice your wings and are ready to give them a try. This week may be a bit shaky remembering the first steps. But let your heart be open at all times. When you activate all your potential to be the person that you are, you will surprise even yourself as to how you can fly. The only thing necessary is to release fear and surrender. There is no falling. There is flying, over every emotion, every situation, and every beautiful thing. As you flap, you will activate the waves. One is All. When you get tired leave yourself to the wind, the clouds and remember, you are supported at every moment.

This week you will also be experiencing a phase where your relationship patterns are transforming. You were having resolutions regarding your relationships; the phases where you are weighing and evaluating are continuing and getting clearer at every step. As you flap your wings towards the New, your existing relationships are shedding the old patterns. They are moving to a new dimension. Those that do not feel ready for one step further are at a crossroads but know that whoever is on your path, they have done their guidance successfully. Those souls choosing to be alone for a while on the other hand, may meet new souls to walk the path together. As you flap your wings you get higher, and as you get higher you see the big picture. That place is where you hear, see, know it all. Just spread your wings and let yourself go. The only thing you to remember is to fly.

Love and Light ArchAngel Chamuel


One Response to “Archangel Chamuel”

  1. Shakti Chionis Says:

    Holy crap batman. LOL Could you have just put a poster board up with my photo? This has been my exact experience…precisely. I am amazed….at yet, I know better. 🙂 Thanks for the good reminder.

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