Book Giveaway Contest and Review- The White Sands Incident





Book Giveaway Contest and Review of “The White Sands Incident” by  Daniel Fry

Dear Cosmic Love Readers:

The book I just finished reading was “The White Sands Incident”.   I heard about the author while studying the Billy Meier tapes on YouTube, from which there are about 20 hours of great material describing each of Billy Meier’s encounters with the Pleiadians and Temmers, word for word.

The Pleiadians Billy met with such as Ptah, Asket, and Semjase, said (30+ years ago,) that they rarely visit Earth humans and land their ships on the ground.  However they confirmed that Daniel Fry’s story was authentic, along with another case.

When I have a self-proclaimed E.T. confirm a different E.T. story or piece of evidence, the credibility goes WAY up in my book.   One example of this is Mythi, the alien from Andromeda videos 17-20 on YouTube, in which he confirms, identifies, and explains certain videos and pictures of UFOs and E.T.s sent in by the listeners.  Search my site for “Mythi Monday” to watch the videos.

In brief, Daniel Fry worked in the U.S. military on missile guidance systems at the White Sands range in the Southwestern U.S.   The Pleiadian visitor Ah-lahn, or Alan, was assigned a mission to warn Earth humans about the dangers of nuclear war and weapons.  Alan spent time learning English, and searching for the right candidate that would be open to the visit, who also had a good technical understanding of physics.

Well, Daniel Fry is visited and is taken for a ride in a saucer to New York and back!  He learns a lot in his conversations and also includes “An Extraterrestrial Statement” which is from another E.T.

The book is a very quick read!

To win the book and have it mailed to you free of charge, you must submit an original poem about E.T.s or anything having to do with ascension or the theme of the Cosmic Love blog.  The winner will have their poem published on our blog with permission, as well as any runner ups.  Send your poem to by Mar 5, 2014.  You will also receive 5D holographic stickers and a small double terminated quartz crystal.

Good luck!

~Cosmic Love


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