SPECIAL REPORT- Atlanticobr’s Capt. Bill VISITS Mythi’s service ship!

Special report  – ( I do not intend to make a video about it.)

Well friends, as some of you already know about it, so I decided to tell some details of the visit I made to the interior of a service spacecraft of the fleet from Mantuk, Andromeda. I do not enjoy sharing my experiences, because sometimes they sound unreal through even to myself… how much more for those who are reading this. But even that is hard to believe, each decides by itself about it.
OK, let’s start from the beginning. Late last year, I was discussing a relocation of a former member of an alien team that has been lost in our society as we have done several times, when Mythi told me he had to return to the ship for some time for some unfinished business, I’ve said goodbye when he asked if I wanted to go with him there for a few minutes… well, I did not believe it at first because I had tried to “force this bar” on other occasions over last tree year without success, but he said: “It’s okay, I told the staff that would take you there to know”… He was smart and took me by surprise, leaving no room for me to discuss the possibility of being able to carry a camera with me… When I least expected it I was in a small reception area where the roof seemed to be entirely material emitting environment light.
When I finally realized that I had been transported I had a sudden pressure drop, and minutes later I was lying on a kind of litter, with a small medical touching my shoulder. She had a very sweet look, only then I realized how much Mythi was ugly for the standards of themselves… hehe… a little joke … because I know he will read this story in any way.
So, I immediately got up feeling completely well, and as an engineer, began to examine everything trying to understand the internal dynamics of that place. We enter a hall that looked more like a tropical living room, octagonal format, with places to sit, a very comfortable lighting, and several plants in translucent balls with water or other fluid very pretty looking and different kinds of flowers in every corner. I could not imagine that kind of environment was within a small saucer. Well, when I thought about going to one or at most two cozy to know everything, I realized that I was onto something huge with many runners, several rooms, dormitories and antechambers. Any wiring, piping, buttons or controls, none of that… everything is controlled mentally. I noticed about 18 people in total, at least three different races, all very friendly. Some of them made it out to take my hand and greet me as Mythi told them that we do here…funny…
One of them, that Mythi introduced me as an “engineer” of the crew named “Tasid”, explained to me that everything there is molecularly programmed, and responds to mental commands of those responsible for certain functions in the crew. He took me to meet the “machine room”, and all I saw were 8 metallic half globes with a bigger in the center, and any control panel or noise in the room. A real disappointment for a “zero level engineer”!. I asked to see the “control room” and he took me there. There was a panel finally! But to my disappointment there were no buttons or lights flashing, or levers or joysticks. The operator passed his hand over a small brand and the ceiling went from “metal” to a special plasmic stage, and became transparent as crystal, and can see everything that was going on outside the ship and that was when I realized we were submerged in the ocean!
When I looked at the floor, the floor was also transparent that is, as he commanded the whole room was becoming transparent, as if we were floating in a glass bubble, with 360-degree vertical and horizontal view… We could see everything outside of spaceship, could observe each and every detail of the external environment. Surreal thing.  In that panel, there was a round frame like a large 2 meters metal hoop that I remembered having seen in several other rooms, I asked about it and he requested me to ask something to the system… I asked about the factory of spaceships and a 3D image start forming, I could clearly see the planet, and the system took me to the factory where they were being assembled hundreds of ships of several formats… I felt myself lost in space…
Then I saw the house where Mythi lives, and the whole neighborhood… I would not leave it there for anything, the more to come to study this piece of rock with its ignorant ants… but that is why they are level five, after all…
Suddenly I felt some interesting aroma, resembling a bit like vanilla, so I asked about food, where they kept food stocks, what kind they had there, and some explained to me that the food is not there … they have a terminal in the “dining rooms” that literally “materializes” the food that you want, and this food comes from “station supplies” specific to each planet of any of the breeds that are working on the spacecraft, that is, the other side of that “machine” is a permanent portal to anywhere you belong to. Unimaginable!
When I realize that the time was passing, I asked how everything could be contained in a spaceship of a maximum 80 meters in diameter by 10 meters high, and they explained to me another technology that I never knew before, and still do not quite understand how it works. He told me that everything is on another plane, linked to that ship, and the whole interior of the ship is like a permanent portal, that is, when you’re in those rooms, corridors or in the salons, you’re not really on the ship, you are in a reserved space parallel to that ship, but that is an integral part of ship, weird, this fantastic technology provides a great environment in a small space … like magic … they call “spatial realignment”. The “program” that controls it all works in real time and it’s like you pass from one environment to another without changing neither the luminosity nor the temperature. There is no visible central supercomputer, everything is programmed in the ship’s molecular structure … The structure controls the internal environment, the fields of force, mobility and maneuverability of the ship, etc… Can you imagine a technology like this? The “engineer” told me calmly that this technology of “spatial realignment” is new to them, has little more than 500 years of ours, but only in recent decades has been adapted for service spacecraft.  I asked if the ship had an accident what would happen with this technology? How would be the aspect of the ship? To which he replied: well, if the ship for any reason be out of operation, it will be like an empty shell, nothing and no crew will be seen inside. Can you guys imagine how small I felt with the simplicity of him with respect to technologies that we will take many thousands of years to achieve?
So I asked why the elites of my planet try to steal alien technology if they do not have the ability to copy it? to which he replied: “they do not seek advanced technologies, they seek for ancient technologies, which are liable to be better understood by your scientists, a ship like ours does not matter to them, but yes ships that fell 1000 years or more ago containing technologies more conventional, which would allow a re-engineering at some of the key functional or structural details”. From this explanation it became much clearer in my head about the “great efforts” of the elites in wanting to get hold of these old ships and artifacts, ancient wreckages on the Moon, and even the Black Knight.
At this point Mythi made me a sign that it was time to go and said goodbye to everyone, very friendly people.  I apologized for the intrusion at their affairs, and went into the room where I arrived on the ship and before I perceive I was back to where I was, saying goodbye to Mythi, and thanking him for the initiative he had for me. The only conclusion that I could get in this opportunity is that we are still so far behind that it hurts to think about it.
I hope this will give a brief idea to you about what we really are yet.
Cheers! Captain Bill – February, 2014 Atlanticobr Channel

source and transcript of all past Mythi videos in PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qnxmaj7ev88giyw/ANSWERS+OF+AN+ALIEN+FROM+ANDROMEDA+GALAXY.pdf

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3 Responses to “SPECIAL REPORT- Atlanticobr’s Capt. Bill VISITS Mythi’s service ship!”

  1. Vimal shankra Says:

    Mythi,I am an Indian earth humanoid so to say and fully believe what capt.bill states about the ship and their technology and their tremendous help bestowed upon earth as such.I am truly happy that my working paper submitted to UNO and to80 nations heads for resolving conflicts and peace in Jan.2001 and again later is in fact usher good peaceful era on earth and spirit uality. In time we have to align cosmically also sir.! I am indeed greatful to Mythi for opening our minds and awareness that there are Humans in cosmos that really care and steadfast in aiding and helping our fellows that need MindOpenings !

  2. James Charles Hearn Says:

    James Hearn. I have looked at Mythi and Captain Bill Videos up till 2016. I believe them the greatest hope for mankind’s close future stopping bad entities being reincarnated back to our planet. How practical and simple. ,I have written a booklet on peace titled,’The Ultimate Guide To Peace’. Please look it up on google and tell me what you think about it. It is also simple and practical. The press or governments don’t seem to want to know about it. jamescharleshearn@gmail.com..

  3. Jason Foard Says:

    What a fantastic honor to be able to experience an extraterrestrial ship and its intelligent staff. Cheers to you Captain Bill! To me, you are the most fortunate man in the world have experienced this.. This is an event that only I would dream of happening to me. We have much to learn. Thank you.

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