35 MUST SEE Star Maps- Wayne Herschel- The Hidden Records


Dear Cosmic Love Readers,

This is another huge treasure trove of research connecting the dots, literally, of ancient civilizations interacting with extraterrestrials.  Browse the website, look at the maps, or donate to help make a movie about this amazing research!







There is much, much more to look at on his site.  Here’s the home page:





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3 Responses to “35 MUST SEE Star Maps- Wayne Herschel- The Hidden Records”

  1. Top Secret Roswell Alien Interview leaked by 83 year old nurse | Cosmic Love Says:

    […] of tons each. The placement on the ground of some of these structures will be found to have geodetic or astronomical significance relative to various stars in this galactic region. […]

  2. What NASA May or May Not Know About Mars | Cosmic Love Says:

    […] Other star maps aligned with earth pyramids and mound sites: https://gregdougall.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/35-must-see-star-maps-wayne-herschel-the-hidden-records… […]

  3. UFO Papyrus of Tuli- Wayne Herschel does it again! | Cosmic Love Says:

    […] this planet for eons.  Check out the latest research findings by Wayne Hershel, who has identified 35 star maps on Earth- ancient sites where the layout of the buildings correspond to stellar […]

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