Adama on the Effect of Feelings on Manifestation

 5 March 2014


This is a transcript of a recent chat with Adama that I channeled. You can request a chat with Adama or another Ascended Master here.

What is Your Question?

When manifesting, why do I slide backwards? Like, one month I create beautiful opportunities and inflowing abundance and the next month practically nothing? How can I sustain what I’m manifesting? sustain the act of manifesting?

Adama’s Response

I AM ADAMA, first, I invite you to relax. Breathe your attention into your heart and calm yourself.

The question is not so much about SUSTAINING the act of manifestation, you are constantly manifesting. Every experience was manifested. The question is about manifesting what you want, in this case, many opportunities and financial abundance.

The question points to a deeper question, how are you approaching the act of manifestation, how are you approaching daily life? (Daily life is a series of manifestating and manifested experiences.)

Are you feeling desperate? You will create more situations which cause further desperation. Are you feeling sad, lonely, rejected? You will create further experiences confirming and exacerbating those feelings.

Similarly, are you feeling confident, comfortable, at ease, in the flow- those feelings will create the kind of results you want.

It’s not so much what you are doing to manifest things, you know how to do it, you’ve manifested dreams, goals, opportunities, objects, people and changes before.

The question is one of fine tuning your approach to what you already know. Look to your feelings as an indicator of your underlying issue. Why are you feeling disappointed? What need is asking to be addressed via these feelings? Address the need and the feelings will change and your manifested experiences will change as well.

USUALLY, the underlying need is to be love, to give or receive love. All self-healing of any kind (trauma, pain, fear, doubt, etc) come down to giving or receiving love, to living as the Divine Being you already are.

Are your feelings indicating to you that you are afraid of something? Love yourself. Are you needing to let go of something past? Forgive, give love.

Addressing these core issues will not only help you to get back to manifesting what you do want, but they will also help you to clear the pattern of creating abundance then creating lack. Remember that you create your every moment, so if you keep your focus on Love, on giving, receiving, and being love, then– imagine all the wonderful things you will manifest, effortlessly.

I AM ADAMA and I am surrounding you with my Christed Heart’s Love. ❤



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