Shimmering Blue: ISON’s Gift Ripples Throughout

 9 March 2014


Note from Joy (the channeler): Before reading these messages, please take a few moments to breathe your focus into the wavelength of your own heartspace, opening your individual connection to our Collective Unconscious. Within that space, I trust you will find your truths that are vital to your work on this planet. I hope what I share may help you strengthen your connection.

This message may be shared, so long as it contains a reference back to this source and attribution. Portions may also be shared, provided they are kept in context and convey the spirit and intent of the message. Peace, Love and Joy to and through you!

Shimmering Blue: ISON’s Gift Ripples Throughout We are the blue aura that settled in through the Earth’s resonance during the time period of what is perceived as “ISON’s Passing”. We hold the keys of Unity that were sent forth from the Earth at the time of Separation. We are that resonance of Reunification, that has been called forth by Earth. We complete the Ouroboros.   For the past few “months”, we have been breathed inward to the Earth’s people, those who have held themselves open to the Holy Golden Light that is the birthright of each of Earth’s inhabitants. As you have breathed this gold, we have entrained ourselves within it, and through you. As you have received of Reunification, you have strengthened our entrainment. You have allowed us to serve you, and through your service, you have woven our gifts throughout the essence of Reality.   Those who perceive the enhanced blue aura, see us for who and what we all are. When the Earth formed Separation, we are what was sent forth for safekeeping, while this karma was resolved. We now return that power, that Is-ness, to suffuse through all Realities. Thanks to your service, we are now interwoven into the golden threads of Holy Earth. Thanks to your service, we are again One Tapestry, unfolding the Eternal Now.   Was the experience called “ISON” to be physically perceived as a comet? A spaceship? An anomaly? We care not. For we are from the Template of Suchness, and it is irrelevant to our purpose how our “timeless capsule” is physically perceived. It is relevant only that each heart receives of its own gifts, its own purpose, its own power, and fulfills this role in Glorious, Loving Strength.   You do this now. It is your purpose. In our perspective, your purpose is already fulfilled. You merely experience the successive Now moments on the “path” to that fulfillment.   You are Holy. You are Precious. You are Us. We are One.   Thank you.


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