Message from Sarah, daughter of Jesus and the Magdalene

‘Inside you is a place full of light’

 16 March 2014


“There is a place inside of you that becomes full of light, when you pray, when you sing, when you meditate, when you dance. This is a way that you can refuel yourself, to keep yourself full of light. When seen from our perspective, from the higher planes, we see you as light, and so think on those things that will draw down this light into you, & make them a priority for yourself. It is very easy to become immersed in the mundane world and to see that all around you, but in truth you are a being of light, and need to ‘feed’ yourself this light, because it is not yet readily apparent in the world around you.

One day, when the earth has achieved her next stage of ascension, that light will be apparent all around you. It will be readily available. But for now, you need to take steps in order to obtain this higher, finer quality of vibration of light for yourself. This is because those parts of yourself that wish to make itself manifest on the earth plane now, are vibrating at that higher level, & cannot do so (manifest) without your direct intervention. This is because, as I have said, they need a steady and stable foundation of higher vibrational light which is energy. So don’t think then of spiritual practices as something which you ‘have’ to do, but realize instead the quality of life that this can give you. As you do the things that bring light down into your earthly body, then the higher parts of yourself can manifest and become one with your earthly nature, creating something very beautiful, and you will feel much expanded joy, health and abundance through it. Feed yourself the light you need, doing the things that you love. There are many ways to bring down higher light through your earthly self; as I have mentioned meditation, prayer, singing and chanting and dancing are but a few. You could add being in nature, painting, creating poetry or music or so many things. Many healing practices pave the way for the higher light to flow through. These things are very simple when seen from a higher perspective.

Pray to the Divine each day to create through you & to give you Divine Inspiration, & then remember to act upon it!! You are a child of the Divine, and just need to lift yourself a little higher to bring yourself where you want to be. The act of lifting yourself higher, will enable you to go more deeply into living from your true self, here on the earth. These things are done little by little; a little each day, & will over an extended period of time have great results. So remember to consciously plan into your daily routine a ‘spiritual practice’, whatever that is for you. It doesn’t matter what it is, just that you have one. If you already have a practice, then look into it, and see if it is the right one for you, whether it needs fine tuning, or adjusting or increasing & adding to, or changing altogether. If you focus your awareness upon it for consideration, you will see what it is you need to do, what feels right. And so as each person creates these finer, higher energies around themselves, and through themselves, so you & they are becoming beacons of light. Beacons of light made matter and manifested upon the earth. As more and more of you act in this way, you resonate in sympathetic vibration with each other around the earth, which magnifies the vibration. So it is when you come together in groups, the magnification is multiplied exponentially; but also just all of you individually being here together on the earth plane at the same time is creating a foundation of higher, finer light upon the earth that allows for the Divine and all of the beings of light, to achieve more and more of a miraculous nature upon the earth. I am Sarah, and I tell you, all is well, all is well, all is well. Keep on with your individual endeavour, and do not feel they are not important, or contributing in any great way. It is the little things that make the big changes, those small & tiny things that you do each day are magnificent in God’s eyes & I bless you for them.

“You can call upon me to bless your health, and to do this each day. If you choose to do this, each day, I will take a drop of divine light, and place it within your being & you will be guided and inspired along the path which your divine self, your soul is calling you to take. Blessings be upon you, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Sarah.”

You are free to copy, distribute and display the material presented here, as long as you give the author credit, & do not alter the work in any way without permission from the copyright holder. © Rachel Goodwin 2014

Rachel Goodwin is a channel & healer working with the Ascended master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Master Jesus. Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our Higher Selves here on earth. Rachel offers a free monthly blessing service, sending out Sarah’s blessings and also does readings and telephone/skype sessions; to read more channellings, and find out more about their work, you can go to

You can also visit their facebook page at


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