excerpt from Answers From the Masters


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

My name is Aramda. I have only spoken through this one, James, a few times previously but it is time now to make my reconnection with him. For we come from a time where many of you were also there, in the time of Lemuria. Many of you found yourselves in that moment when you heard the news. You heard the news that all was going to change and all that you knew at that time was about to be over. And you were preparing for those dark times to come upon you. You knew that was happening. Many decided to stay and continue to be a part of this Earth evolution and continue with your missions as volunteers. And many of us, and I say us because I was one, that chose to go up into the ships and to move on. But you, those who stood and stayed, stayed the course. You are the ones to be celebrated now and we, as we look down from our point of view, in terms of height, in terms of being up in the ships, not in any derogatory fashion. But as we look down, we marvel at all that you have gone through, all that you have been a part of, and we say to you now, those times that you have been preparing for are about here.

We in the ships, and there are thousands, millions, billions of us many from different civilizations, from many different planets, different systems, galaxies all are here to witness this grand event that is about to occur. It is already in the process now but it is about to become very exciting! And we have the excitement just as you do for we know very soon we will be joining together once again with our brothers and our sisters that we left a long time ago. And those of you who were left on the surface of the planet are waiting for that reunion to occur. We are waiting for what you would call the GO! signal. We are standing by. It would be as if you were running a race. And you’ve been running this race for a long time. And you are coming near to the finish line. But if anyone has ever run a race before, you know that the longer ones, those you call the marathon, you know that as people come close to the finish line of the marathon, very few are finishing ahead of the rest. Many are straggling behind. Some have slowed to a walk but yet all will finish, at one point or another. And those of you that finish first, your job will be turn around and help those that are struggling. That is what you are here for. That is what you volunteered for. We are here to assist you in that.

I am here in my ship, the Amalia, and I have been watching and waiting for this moment. I work very closely with the ones you know as Ashtar and Sananda. And we are preparing for those celebrations to begin. But before the celebrations can start, there must first be the culmination of all you came here to do and the light, my brothers and sisters, is spreading rapidly. And you, each one of you, are those that are spreading that light. And we thank you for all that you have sacrificed to be here at this point now in your history. Because, as you heard before, all is about to change. And for some it will appear as a dramatic change. Others it will be gradual but it will be change nevertheless. And all that you have known up to this point in your physical bodies today, will no longer be the norm. The norm will now be you! For you have been thought as the crazies before, you will be the ones who will be looked up to. Those that will turn to you will ask you “What is happening?” And you will touch them on the shoulder figuratively or directly and you will say, “Fear not. Be calm. All is as it is to be.” We thank you and I thank you for this time together. If you will allow me to share, there will be times when I will come again but for now, I bid you adieu. Peace and love be with each of you in these coming times.

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