The Star Elders through Aluna Joy


The Star Elders through Aluna Joy – March 29th, 2014

From the Star Elders.

It is here . . .

You have been swimming in a universal crock pot (slow cooker) since December 22, 2012. You have tried to avoid it or merge / surrender to the crushing heat of undefined, unknowable transformation with little success no matter which direction you go. It has been really confusing as your internal compass has not been pointing to your true north. You have been having a hard time holding your center and losing sight of yourself. Abundance has been challenging. Maintaining your health has been confusing. Relationships have been re-evaluated and shifted many times. Many collective course corrections have left many people in the middle of creating something, and then the energy drops out, and you are left holding the unfinished project feeling stunned.

. . . the landing sequence has now begun into a “New Earth” Portal. This is the slow burning phase for landing. It is fueled by accelerating pressure caused by the increasing gravitational pull of the new world that you have created. You have finally begun your landing sequence to touch down into this new world. This was triggered by the leap you made on December 22nd, 2012.

There is too much gravitational pressure now for your body memory to fight off what is coming. Your body’s old memory is about to give up and finally merge with new frequencies to upgrade the entire vehicle you are in. The old magnetic field that held your reality in place is fading and letting you go . . . and is being replaced with a new field of attraction. Most of you are going to love this. This gravitational pull can cause a myriad of controversies and some people will try to be Obi-Wan, so they can disable the Death Star’s tractor beam. But this urge to stop the process is their body’s fear and old world illusion / memory talking. You are feeling the magnetic pull of your new world. Your memory is finally letting go.

What was once a mental / emotional spiritual journey is now becoming an ever, so intense, physical transformation. Your spiritual path is now becoming something you will physically live 24/7. Some people will choose to drop their bodies and meet us on the other side. But those who stay the course, they will experience a total reboot/upgrade from a human, Earth based body into an integrated cosmic body.

Because you choose to do this, new and more intense body symptoms will be clues that you are getting closer to touch down. Humanity is in a red hot, slow roasting, re-entry burn, and it is about to enter phase one in the eclipse window, which is a “New Earth Portal” that will take place in April of 2014. This is the first stage of a very intricate and complicated reentry and splash down sequence. We know that you are ready to leap RIGHT NOW . . . But this needs to go slow and steady, so course corrections can be made that will enable you to land in just the right frequency.

Your beautiful Earth is feeling this physical transformation as well. A fairly quiet part of the ring of fire is now being activated (Several March 28th 5.0+ earthquakes in California and a Class X Solar Flare on March 29th – – are examples of clues to this transformation). Light workers have held off major earthquakes on your west coast for several years. But the gravitational pull of the new world is becoming too strong for anyone to control. Odd extreme weather is a part of your Earth preparing to land in new frequencies. Many people will be able to hear with their physical ears the rising frequencies – sound currents of the Earth (Earth is a low tone – the sun is a high pitched one). When you focus on the sound currents, it will help you stay is sync with the Earth, the sun and the landing process that encompasses humanity and Earth.

What this means to you for now during the next few months, and up until your Earth splashes down . . . You will have to face living fully in present moment reality. You will find it impossible to hold onto the illusions of the past and manifest in liner time format. You will fine tune everything with a dizzying amount of little course corrections that will make your heads spin.

As energy advances and the new Earth gravitation grows stronger, sensitive ones might be affected more. These sensitive ones might feel slammed especially before and after earthquakes and / or natural disasters, and 24 hours after an X class solar flare and /or anything that affects a large amount of the Earth’s population at once. Support your visionaries and sensitive ones when needed. Their job is to give you a peek into what is coming next, and help you prepare for it . . . and they pay a huge price for this job (There is usually one sensitive in every family).

Most of humanity will not be able to hide who they are and what they are feeling (positive or negative). Even though most people have mastered holding positive intent, you will find it is easier to BE exactly where you are and not judge yourself even if you are feeling negative. There will be less resistance in going with the flow especially once you understand that negative feelings will pass. Remember . . . what you resist will persist. What you resist will become an inner monster that will drain you. And this will change moment to moment. Just as a little child who falls and cries, a moment later, they are laughing and playing again. Humanity will process these oscillating feelings in waves. This way there is always support for you somewhere as some people may be feeling quite low, while others will be sailing high. You cannot judge anyone’s chosen path at this point, and we know that you want to be supported in yours as well. Everyone will experience this oscillating landing in different ways and at different speeds. Remember your spiritual tool box that you have been collecting will support your landing. You will need these tools, and you will also acquire new tools for the advanced energies coming. Acceptance will be the word of choice these next months. The doorway back to the old ways will be closed to you. Earth and your bodies will transform.

This is all a part of the landing sequences. It is intense . . . Your memory will not like it. Your spirit will love it. Humanities new Earth splash down is coming and ALL will crack out of the cocoon that you have been in . . . And you will soon breathe the sweet atmosphere of a pure and clean world. source

Copyright Aluna Joy Yaxkin © 1995-2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA Web:


One Response to “The Star Elders through Aluna Joy”

  1. Martin Gray Says:

    I am not in the habit of criticizing things but I will definitely critique unjust behavior and deceit (and I hope my readers understand the difference between criticize and critique). Yesterday on her Facebook page (and also many times in the past) a woman named Aluna Joy Yaxkin made statements regarding the sacred site of Palenque in Mexico ( that are spurious, counterfeit and exaggerated. Without any proof or evidence, beyond her own ‘New-age’ assumptions, Aluna said that Palenque is a “multi-dimensional city where the Star People (The first people) descended from the sky”. In my opinion, having visited Palenque numerous times, having an extensive archaeological understanding of the Maya culture, and being unaware of any reputable scientist saying the same thing (Aluna is not an archaeologist, merely a tourist) her statement is rubbish, calculated misinformation, and deceitful advertising. I posted a clearly written response to her post on her Facebook page, which was quickly removed. I then posted the following comments, which I also expect will be removed.

    In the United Nations and the New York Times, on Amazon, Wikipedia and Google, ALL reviews – not only the favorable ones – are presented for the viewer’s consideration and benefit. But not here on Aluna’s Facebook page. An accurate and well-written critique of Aluna’s exaggerated advertising claims and archaeological misinformation was posted by Martin Gray of and then quickly removed by someone else, presumably Aluna Joy. Was this done in service to her clients or to herself? Was truth told or abused? Will this 2nd post also be censored like the media in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other repressive regimes or will fair reporting be respected? Is this a forum for lies or honesty?

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