Is it possible to build a flying mechanical dragon?

Carbon Dragon Crowdfunding

We believe that the technology for this vehicle already exists, and when combined in a new way will create a new type of flying machine!  Donations of at least $1 are being taken now, and will be used to complete a thorough cost estimate of the project.  Read on…


To participate in Phase I click here:

The plan is to crowdfund, build, and fly a semi-autonomous mechanical dragon, and use it to visit remote and beautiful locations around the world, in order to perform scientific research in regards to ecology and the environment.  High definition films and photos of certain flights will eventually be made available for viewing.

The practical purpose of this machine is research and recreation, but truly it is to inspire people around the world by merging fantasy with reality.  Recent breakthroughs in mechanical, material, and computer engineering have now made this project possible, if enough people help fund each phase.

Now I know this may seem like a stretch, but…

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One Response to “Is it possible to build a flying mechanical dragon?”

  1. gregdougall Says:

    For the record, I beat Elon Musk to this concept by 4 years.

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