The Angelic Host via Rachel Mai: A New Way is At Hand

Openhearted Rebel

The Angelic Host, Channeled through Rachel Mai, Sent via Email

You are now apparently in a maelstrom or whirlwind in your world! Not so much for some of you. There are many individual variations and experiences. But all feel that these are by no means usual times!

We of the angelic realms now say to you…Do not worry. A new way is at hand. Now you may feel blocked but many doors are going to be opening. One or two at first. Then many more. That first trickle of the new Earth is indeed starting to come through, like the very first drops of Summer rain after a long drought.

Even for those of you for whom the way is now indeed very hard, there will be breakthroughs. Look for even the smallest sign of an answered prayer at this time. All things are needing to happen for you in…

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