Sirian Archangel Hermes 4/12/14

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now with an important message regarding the closing of the great cycle of the Age of Pisces, for those whom are ready.

For many, the age has already ended. They have freed themselves from the lessons and bondage that was the Age of Pisces. Some however, remain mired in this age still, trapped within a matrix of linear time. This lack of spiritual progress from them continues to stagnate the planetary grid and gestalt of conscious thoughts into manifestation. The lightworkers have worked hard and remain committed to their missions, this has resulted in a great increase of the information available to others seeking the truth, however, I come to remind you all that in both linear and cyclic time, there is a beginning, and an ending. At the end of each age, one transcends to either a new age, or returns to the beginning of the same age. This often happens without the subject ever becoming aware, as the matrix of linear time has become the standard for the majority of inhabitants of this world. There are angels and gods who remain, walking around in state of spiritual slumber, unaware of their potential and ability, due to the lock of third dimensional time. Remember that there will be no observation, or acknowledgement of a change of the ages by your main stream media or any outside sources. Only you will know this, only you will feel it, and only you will be able to find others who also, are aware of it.

Your planet continues to grow in seismic unrest, this is becoming more evident everyday. This is how Gaia communicates with you on a human level, she is the human form of your planet, the ambassador for a human vessel to be able to relate to and comprehend divine cosmic energy. She is foretelling of the great birthing pains of a new race, a new paradigm and a new age. Remember also that not all of the seismic movements on your planet are “natural”. The dark cabal continues its mission, just as the lightworkers are, remember that you will be able to tell them apart from others. Trust in your discernment and let your third eye pierce the veils they will try to deceive you with.

“There will be signs in the heavens and upon the earth”, this is an accurate parable of what is happening now in your linear timelines. A powerful lunar eclipse is nearing, one that marks a shift in all timelines. Just as the moon guides the ebbs and flows of the tides, so can it also be used as a timepiece. Adepts will know what is to come if they have studied of astrology, comparing similar eclipses of the past, and cultures or events from those times of the linear past. They are aware that every eclipse is a rare event, not just some of them, as each time there are slight to vast differences in play during the event. The coming event will be no exception, as there are many powerful alignments and energies in play once again.

As I spoke of in my previous message, the prophets are beginning to rise and make themselves known. This also means that the false prophets as well, are doing the same, as above so below. Your spiritual and inner discernment is going to be extremely important. The prophecy of the true prophets, you must know, you must feel, and most importantly, you must heed. That of the false prophets, you must be able to know as well, let them bury themselves with their own lies, it will not take very long for the true prophets to be the only ones that will remain. There is already a great deal of prophecy surrounding the upcoming eclipse, this message included. Let your third eye read beyond what your two eyes can already see!

For many, this eclipse will serve as the “confirmation”, that a change of ages is manifesting. There have been many signs already, and many have been able to acknowledge them as the confirmation they needed, and thus, they have already transcended. Still others will remain locked in three dimensions of time, even after this eclipse has come and gone. Know however, that the remaining 3D timelines are few, and linear time is quickly running out for those who remain trapped to evolve and transcend. They will return to the beginning of the age or to another without even knowing it, until they are finally ready. That is the mystery and wonder of time, it is different internally for each, however many have all become entrapped into an absolute perception of time, externally, which is the third dimensional format, of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and so on. This absolute education of time for so many has resulted in it becoming the dominant perception of the planetary consciousness gestalt, and therefore, continues to dominate the majority of peoples lives worldwide. All that is needed to change this, is to get the majority to transcend into a new perception of time, at that point, changes quickly begin to manifest worldwide.

We are witnessing the beginnings of this now, as events continue to increase in frequency, wonder and severity. You are nearing the proverbial tipping point of the ages, which transcends beyond a physical and individual level into a mental and planetary level. Prepare yourselves in all aspects, for the greatest series of events to happen on this planet in a very long scale of linear time.

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


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