Newsletter from the Collective of Guides


Newsletter from the Collective of Guides April 14, 2014

Dear Ones,

Know that we are loving you powerfully. We are in awe of how much you have accomplished collectively in a relatively short amount of time. The changes that are upon you are assisting you in a process of total transformation that will grow in intensity as you continue to unfold into the divine beings that you have forgotten that you are. As you complete the next cycle of growth, your reality will seem to shift before your very eyes. Rest assured that this new, more expanded sense of reality is much easier to navigate once you allow yourself to sink into its ease and flow. The oneness of all permeates all things and that will become more and more apparent with each passing day. You will find new ways to traverse this expanded reality in ways that will delight and inspire you and give you a sense of ever-increasing joy, purpose, and connection.

As this experience of manifestation of uniquely perfect circumstances for every situation becomes your common way of being, you will marvel that it took so long for you to co-create this collective reality. You will understand how your thoughts truly create your everyday life circumstances and remember that it was just a moment ago that that understanding was still outside your grasp of understanding. You will rejoice in the simplicity of it all and know that the Creator’s design for all things begins simply and becomes increasingly complex by adding graduated layers to the basic design until its function evolves in direct proportion to the complexity of its evolution beyond its original design or purpose. Know that that is true for every being that exists in all worlds and certainly for each human potentiate. We invite you to think of yourselves as beings potentiating into a higher form than any that has ever existed on Earth simultaneously en masse. What we mean by this is that, there have been times throughout your history when certain cultures lived in very advanced ways in comparison to other cultures inhabiting Earth at the same time. Simultaneously, several epochs or eras were being played out at the same time by different peoples according to their level of development. Some civilizations were living with very advanced mathematics, language, government, healing abilities, knowledge of the relationship between Earth and the many celestial bodies in relationship to her, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and how to sustain and nurture that interconnectivity for the mutual benefit of all. While at the very same time there were other cultures who were made up of small families who subsisted together for warmth and safety and eked out a meager existence in relationship to their immediate environment, yet ignorant of so much else that existed.

Current human culture is somewhere between these two extremes. You are all rapidly evolving to the point where you will all surpass the most advanced civilization that has ever graced planet Earth. You will all awaken to your true identity of divine beings having a human experience. You will acquire many skills that many of you only dream of – telepathy, astral travel, remote viewing, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-gnosis, and many other ‘supernatural’ abilities. We want to make it very clear that all of these gifts and more are very accessible to all of you and part of the process of acquiring them is the simple yet powerful belief that you are capable of all of this and more in order to allow you to open up to these abilities.

As more and more of you begin experiencing these gifts, you will be paving the way for others to open up to their own abilities. Your ability to foretell the future, read the signs and symbols that exist everywhere in nature to help you navigate your path, manifest whatever you choose, and discover what your unique and singular purpose is – different from every other being that exists, is all part and only a small part of your divine being-ness. Know that each and every one of you will develop abilities that you, in your current state of consciousness, would consider miraculous. Also know that you will quickly let go of thinking of so much that is happening all around you as miraculous as the magic that is happening all around you becomes more and more commonplace and all that seems mundane and cumbersome will fall away to be replaced by the remarkable and light-filled. It is time to let go of the darkness and allow yourself to first believe in, and then realize the fact that you are impeccable co-creators with the Divine Source of All That Is.

Know that this is your truth for all time. Know we are loving you powerfully and we are all One.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot


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