Removing The Shadow In The New Earth Matrix ~ James Tyberonn


Earth-Keeper Chronicles April 27 2014

AA Metatron ~ Dear Human , your main-stream ‘history’ is quite blatantly inaccurate. None of your religions offer the complete spiritual truth. Your extra terrestrial heritage is as yet unacknowledged and is in fact hidden from you. So too is your true history on this magnificent planet. It is time to let go of fairy tales and fables, and understand who you truly are!

It is time to accept your power & manage the veracity & challenge of responsible co creation. It is time to wipe the dross from sleepy eyes…and step into light. It is time to remove the shadow!

Masters, we tell you nothing can be in shadow in the dawning of the Planetary Ascension…in Year Two of the New Earth.

Amazing discoveries are being made, inaccuracies are being revealed…and in a short time the logic and evidence of your nature & reality can no longer be denied.

Comprehension of your True History & True Origin is indeed an essential revelation for humankind … for when the truth is accepted, more doors are opened, and this has far far greater implications than you may imagine for humanity’s graduation.

It is time to awaken, to remove the shadow and discover your TRUTH. You can no longer be complacent, you can no longer remain a species with amnesia.
Archangel Metatron


2 Responses to “Removing The Shadow In The New Earth Matrix ~ James Tyberonn”

  1. James Tyberonn – Removing The Shadow In The New Earth Matrix – 4-27-14 | Higher Density Blog Says:

    […]… […]

  2. KC Says:

    Many sincere people whom are at that point in their evolution that are ready for illumination have been denied accession, need not worry. The power is within and no church can bring this power, only by ones own efforts can illumination be gained over time. As in times of old the sincere seeker would face the east, and allow the silent voice within speck within in love. it is In Light Life and Love the universe evolves, all things find their expression as every world is given the opportunity if their be light.

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