What alien races say about other alien races

Do humanoids from other planets live amongst the inhabitants of this planet in everyday life situation?  Not just bases and stuff?

Yes, many Pleideans, and some Aldebarans, live on your planet doing research, living as earthlings. Several related breeds may relate socially with you on the planet but only when your Society is officially integrated into the Community Galactica. The opposite is also true; many Earthlings may choose to work with societies in other planets of the community. It will be a time of great change in behavior.

From video 27 #  –  05/02/2011


About the star system Cassiopeia. Is there lots of life there, and are races there part of the Community Galactica?

Yes, there are many communities humanoids in Cassiopeia. All official races are members of the Community Galactica. There are also communities’ Reptilians, and descendants of insects there. Many races are humanoids like us, different races Gray, and planets in your Age of the Caves, with Indian societies, etc. .., the same type of communities that exist in your and my galaxy.

From video 37 #  –  05/18/2011


You told us of breeds derived from marine mammals. The Community Galactica considers them humanoid. Is there more to tell on their appearance, their customs, vessels, and biology? These breeds are by far the least known of.

The Dolphins are very good and advanced societies. Indeed they are not attractive to the humanoids from other strains because they have thick skin, arms and legs a little shorter, round eyes and faces with different anatomical shape and many teeth. There are many thousands of years before the advent of the Community Galactica, they had many problems with other races, their ships were much feared, they had many weapons and not reluctant to use against anything they consider threatening. With the advent of language translators and the formation of galactic communities, they proved to be very good-natured beings. They work very closely with Arcturians in several colonies.

From video 52 #  –  07/12/2011


What about the animals that inhabit the planets of the universe?

This is an issue for decades of research. There are millions of species of animals, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and fish in the universe. Multiply what you have on earth by 1000 and still too little. Some with the size of a small ant, and other are larger than your largest vessels. It is a universe full of interesting and diverse life. Everything that you guys have here in terms of animal life exists elsewhere in the universe. When a species goes extinct here does not mean that no longer exists, only the environment on Earth is no longer adequate for some reason for that creature. When a species goes extinct means that something is not right with the planet i.e. there was some imbalance that caused that change in their original state. It may be a natural process, disaster or just an inappropriate use of their dominant races, notoriously as you earthlings. The more intelligent and advanced race is more caring for the planet is always in harmony with all life forms that have adopted it.

From video 10 #  –  10/05/2010


What breeds is assisting earth in this days ?

First, let me explain one thing, the level of frequency of races does not interfere in any way the relationship between them. Sometimes these differences are difficult to notice because it depends on the way to be and to express themselves in each race. Some breeds are more phlegmatic while others are more social, regardless of their frequency bands. After the frequency of level 1, the following frequencies will open the possibilities of brain development and facilitating the understanding of more subtle processes of the universal dynamics. A humanoid of level 1 will relate very well with the other level 10, without any sense of inferiority or superiority in the relationship. It’s like a tree, the top branches, low or middle belong to the same tree, only a few came before, and others later, but all belong to the same context and function. In the crews of spaceships you can find various frequencies beings working together as a team, without one being more important or superior to the other for it. Everything depends on the profile of each in knowledge and personal dynamics to better define its role. Races who work here today, we have some main societies: \r\n* Pleiades, level 3 and 4, very similar to you physically. Breeds from Aldebaran two types, ones humanoid Grays, some type of medium height, with others like your constitution, but lower, level 2, up to 6. \r\n* Sirius breeds, some of short stature Grays, darker tone, and other breeds Reptilians, from levels 1 to level 3.  Breeds Camelopardalis type of humanoid Gray’s height higher, level 6 and 7.  Breeds Arcturians of level 3 type humanoid dolphin.  Breeds from Andromeda, levels 3 to level 5, some Grays kind of short stature and others humanoid, my kind, like you, but a little lower, as some breeds of which Rigel Centaurus, similar to mine, also from level 5 . Race Chithok small 30cm tall humanoids from the solar system Chithok near the center of your galaxy, level 6. Race Krulian, humanoid level 8, Pleiades evolution of races that have taken a more slender body shape and look very harmonically.

From video 67 #  –  10/18/2011


Mythi, some say there is a class of elongated skulls living among us, this is true?

Yes, there is a breed that descends directly from Atouns, there are more than 40,000 years maintained colonies here on the planet. They were a team that decided to stay in the withdrawal of the colonies administered by Atouns, they wanted to enable the race here and they all were originally volunteers. As such, they were here without any of the original technologies, to start from scratch and just happened to not have worked, but not sure if they will continue on the planet in this new stage of the colony. They were almost extinct several times when the planet passed by global cataclysms, and they were persecuted by various cultures of these wild times for being “different”. They are very intelligent but lack the practicality of implementing solutions like ordinary humanoids. For their skills, since the days of Atlantis, they were revered as priests, those who had the words of heaven, and they were responsible for the scientific and astrological development of newer people like Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, and currently work with the orders that descend these varieties and still reign on the planet. During those thousands of years being born on a planet at zero level, they regressed from level 3 to level 1, and were the first to notice the change in level of the planet. They are inhabitants of the planet Earth as you who were also brought here. They are another race, with other DNA, very intelligent, but as they are not practical for survival alone, they joined with your elites since the time of the last global cataclysm in Egypt and are kept in subterranean colonies and in some very specific places well insulated from other societies, working in exchange for those of “intelligence” services. They served and serve as ceremonial contacts between various races of Greys and other alien races from early times of colonization of Atlantis until the present day, talking telepathically with them without problems. Therefore they gained acceptance and unrestricted protection of the dominant elites. Many of them worked with scientists reptilians when they were still here, and many are now living in the colony on Mars too. See, they are not bad; they are simply “dependent”. They have very little breeding, and so the race did not get a great development on the planet being in the range of approximately 10,000 individuals currently. Do not care too much about them because if the elites fall, they may fall along too. Even if they survive, they are not fighters, are thinkers, will not pose any threat.

From video 114 #  –  03/24/2014


What races we are going to met in future ?

Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Camelopardalis, Atounians, Aldebarans, Alkaids, Sirius breeds, Chithoks, Rigel Centaurs breeds among many other races, some will be “cute” to your concept, others will be “ugly”, but you will learn over time that physical beauty is relative to what you feel inside the chest. The anatomy depends on the adaptability developed for life on other environments therefore an Arcturian will always be “strange” to you, but if you know him with the lights off, what would your “inside” would capture is the friendship they have pleased to share with others. The larger concept of living between different races is the ability to live with differences, and understand that what brings happiness to you might be a different thing that gives the happiness of another being. Each race has its own priorities and aspirations; fits to Galactic Communities try to help each one reach their welfare without thereby affecting the welfare of his neighbor. Unfortunately, in your own planet, between the ethnic groups of the same race, these differences are not respected. For that reason, to the planet may have the right to enter into a community that strives for harmony will have to be filtered so that society is of an acceptable level of understanding.

From video 115 #  –  04/16/2014


How curious, I saw a film about the autopsy of a humanoid, with just over a foot tall with the body well proportional to the earthlings, there is even a race like that, or is something actually false?


Yes they are races, we in the Community Galactica we have about 30 galactic races of humanoids with this approximate size. Those people are very old, developed and intelligent, with excellent relationship with the other breeds. Two of these breeds have small colonies on Mars, in your solar system.

From video 3 #  –  09/16/2010


Have you or any other crew member has eaten something here on the planet? Fruits, vegetables?

Yes, Some processed fluids of some fruits. You have many tasty things here. But one of my favorite things here is the Honey made by bees. We analyze it, is a nutritious product and chemically fantastic. Remember those little beings you asked other day? Well, they come here regularly from the colony on Mars only to collect honey in your forests and from there to send to other colonies that they have on other planets. I’m sure you could not imagine your honey is used across the galaxy.

From video 5 #  –  09/27/2010


Do other planets have similar places like Las Vegas? What is some form of entertainment? Is it the same as on earth? Do other planets have religions?

About games, yes and no, we do not have gambling as you call it. There are planets that are mounted as holiday camps, with all sorts of fun, lots of technology-dimensional, holographic generators, exotic animal parks, etc… They are very nice places to be for some time. Of course, not all races enjoy the same things and they have adapted to diverse environments of them. It is different from Earth because in these planets there is no trickery, which exists in these places here. With respect to religion, there are many cultures who revere their ancestors as founders and spiritual directors. There are cultures arrears more than you, who worship the gods, as in all thy ancient cultures, the cultures more advanced than you have no religious fanatics like those that exist on your planet.

From video 30 #  –  05/07/2011


Asks for an example of other alien life and what their body chemistry is made up of?

There are various forms of life adapted to very adverse conditions of environment. Both low temperature extremes such as high, ultra high pressure, and poisonous environments to the standards of animals and plants in general. There are so many combinations that we would be arguing for hours, perhaps days discussing this subject. Are billions of micro and macro-organisms having a composition of what you call as the genetic code completely retrofitted to other chemical compositions. If a body cannot find calcium for its structure, adapting what exists in the environment as crystals and other minerals, silicon dioxide, and sometimes metal particles. There are also many entities that use energy and in high density plasma to form and develop their structures. These structures can feed photons and other ionic particles to physically grow in places where there’s nothing available like the open space.

From video 20 #  –  02/05/2011

What intelligent races are being living with us on Earth ?

The various ethnic groups of humanoids of our type known. – A descendant of Atouns, group who stayed here by their own will on a trial basis. This is the race that works as “counselors” of your elites in exchange for means to survive. Very intelligent beings with an IQ of over 160 but little practical to build things manually. The only anatomical difference is that they have the elongated cranial box and without the palate. – Two races of aquatic humanoids that are like amphibians breathe beings. They appear humanoid with a crossing of marine mammals such as dolphins, and are a very old breed, more than 50,000 years in the planet. – Isolated groups of humanoid type that you call Sasquatch. Race that was planted here by ancient reptilians to work as slaves and “auxiliary hunts” but what did not work satisfactorily; they were left to their own fate. – Isolated groups of ancient beings connected to your mythology called Satyr that originate from ancient DNA experiments made by ancient reptilian races that frequented the planet for over 30,000 years ago. This is one of the only old experimental races that survived until today in small isolated groups in inhospitable regions of the planet. – Isolated groups of beings originating of insectoid race that you call Night Crawlers, which relate well with Sasquatch. They came here to study life forms in your insect fauna (which is great), and ended up on the planet, even still having their ships to return to home planet they decided to stay here and keep experiences and sending reports to the scientific community of their planet. The insectoid think differently from us, sometimes it’s hard to philosophize with them on other issues than his duties and guidelines. – Isolated groups of reptilians, and a certain breed of grays working with them who were stranded on bases of your government laboratories and could not have left the planet for a ban on movement of ships reptilian on the planet since 2012. – Isolated group of hybrid origin who lived and survived for thousands of years in the remote mountains of Tibet. – Many Pleiadeans living in your communities as well as observers for at least a hundred of years, many of them considering “Earthlings” by being born here now for over two generations. They cannot influence your societies only maintains constant contact with the teams that have stepped up surveillance on the planet after the detonation of the first nuclear bomb by your military. – The races that had to live isolated by their major differences from most humanoid races had their technological development virtually prevented by not being able to expose their groups, but this does not mean that the mental and spiritual development of them was affected by it.

From video 115 #  –  04/16/2014


Can you tell us more about the physical characteristics of the breeds you know?

I’ll give you a synthesis, because this is a subject too long. I will mention details of the most common races that I know, the dimension in which we live. The races are mostly humanoid and not humanoid. The humanoids are an absolute majority. We have a special department in the Community Galactica to address issues of relationships with non-humanoid. – In concept humanoid, some breeds have little beings with approx. 1 foot in height that is proportional to us. They are very nice people. – We have races of “grays” as you call them, with slender body and head higher proportion, and these races have different heights ranging from 0.50m to 1.60m. They are approx. 130 different races of humanoids with the characteristics of the “Grays”. These races are usually advanced, and good natured. Only some of its variations are warlike and troublesome. Some have large eyes and other smaller eyes. The skin also varies from white to light brown. The eyes are not black or brown in some cases, they are protective filters as contact lenses that automatically adjust to ambient light, providing good vision in either light or dark, and we also use them when necessary. His eyes like mine are very sensitive and lost a bit of retraction capacity of the pupils for hundreds of generations in environments with controlled lighting. Some of these races are trying to use genes of earthlings to correct this degeneration of the muscles of the iris. – There are several races of beings with high and slender body and head more in proportion and very smooth motion. Are far ahead and live in very advanced societies. They are called “old fathers”. They were responsible for the technological development of anti-carbon units that all use today. They almost never interfere with other races, are almost self sufficient in everything they need. – There are ancient races of humanoids with large 3.5m tall, proportionate to your earthling body and they have already circulated a lot here in the old days. Some of these breeds have become extinct and others are active in other galaxies in the universe. They are beings of good socializing with other breeds. – There are many races just like yours (approx. 80 breeds), with similar hair and features as well, ranging approx. from 1.5m to 2.0m tall, and with different skin shades. Some far more advanced than you, other less. The less advanced have more body hair and are more hostile. They live as you say, in the stone age. The most advanced will be put in contact with you as many beings of their civilizations should embody in the New Age of Earth. These civilizations are very dynamic in the development. All ethnic groups that inhabit the Earth today originally came from these races throughout the universe. The pleiadeans are just like you. – There are also breeds derived from marine mammals, which developed the same standards that we humanoids. As these parallel developments took place millions of years ago, they are considered humanoids too. Some of these breeds are very technologically advanced and relate well with other races. – The Reptilians are not humanoids, they are descended from another line of development, their body temperature is much lower than ours, which justifies enjoy hot places to live. There are approx. 20 species of them. Some reptilian breeds may also breathe underwater. Their skin is thick to keep its temperature and protects them from solar radiation. Their races vary in size from 1.7m to 3.0m tall. They are very smart and has lots of energy and are physically strong. Technologically are not very bright but very well assimilate the knowledge of others. – There are finally breeds originated from strains of insects, with external skeleton, which are difficult to deal with because their logical behavior is inherent to their characteristics. Their communities do not really take care of them in the cleanup, which makes them lousy hosts, if you need them. They do not make many contacts with humanoids or reptilians, only if absolutely necessary. They are intelligent and smart but have several limitations mainly related to participate in joint activities with other beings. The lifestyle of these is unorthodox for humanoids. Are fast, agile, tough, and resilient, they can survive in very harsh environments. All races are completely free in its decisions and in their lifestyles; the Community Galactica is only a reference point for the seamless integration and harmonization of all interests.

From video 10 #  –  10/05/2010


What about the profile of the alien known as a big head, big eyes, high, low, green, what are they?

As already mentioned, there are many races of humanoids in the universe, some millions of years older than the ethnic groups known in recent colonized the Earth. These humanoids are ancient ethnic groups, living on planets than any earthling would swear to be the paradise promised by God. From generation to generation they have been changing and adapting their bodies to the reality of life on their planets. There are lizards and frogs in the green earth; the color does not mean anything. Some of the breeds feed of chlorophyllous plants and developed a type of photosynthesis that complements your skin with light as food. Other, than the spectrum of light filtered through its upper atmosphere, are white like albino, because it has no more melanin in the skin. It also breeds with thick skin, dark and sturdy, which protects them from excessive radiation from their suns. Much depends on the planet and the habits of that particular ethnicity humanoid. In Community Galactica there are over 400 different ethnic groups of humanoids, all living in complete harmony with their “differences.”

From video 3 #  –  09/16/2010

source: http://mythidb-askalien.rhcloud.com/ask/   Mythi from Andromeda

P.S. http://youtu.be/nt5jo0HNSH4?t=10m47s




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  1. bernard kishayinew Says:

    everything makes a lot of sense now,i have met a few advanced souls in my travels,in different bodies.

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