An E.T. debunks cause of many UFO sightings

Beam of Light

Good, then I have a question regarding so-called UFOs, which are truly none at all. As I know from you, the so-called flying objects that are considered UFOs are often observed in the day as well as at night. At night, it is often observed that these so-called UFOs light up and are vibrant in their intensity and also variable in color. On the one hand, you were able to make it understandable to me, with tangible evidence and through my personal observations, that these sometimes deal with bio-organic missiles that are truly other-dimensioned life forms that, as a rule, can be captured on infrared film and that penetrate from other dimensions into our dimension area, in order to romp around here somehow in earthly airspace for playful and whimsical reasons. You also explained to me that these bio-organisms are completely harmless and that they always return back to…

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One Response to “An E.T. debunks cause of many UFO sightings”

  1. gregdougall Says:

    There are at least 2 occasions in the contact reports where Plejarens spot and monitor UFOs, but cannot contact or identify who or what is inside.

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