Druans- human E.T.s from the NOL system, 3.1 million light years away

Beam of Light

Contact Report 184/569

Saturday, April 9, 1983, 11:16 AM

You responded very quickly to my call; although, it didn’t have to be so rushed now. It still could have waited until tomorrow.

1. Not only your call persuaded me to come to you but also an important concern that makes some information necessary for you.
2. It could very well be that in the coming months, contacts with other people from SOL-foreign stars await you.

Oh, I see; you come in on both sides of the same thing. From my side, I mainly had a question about something rather strange that we could observe yesterday on the 8th of April. High in the eastern sky, I noticed a bright light at 8:14 PM, about 4 to 5 times as large as Venus. At first, I thought of the evening star, thus Venus, before it dawned on me…

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