Ancient Mummified Giants in Southern Utah Cave

utah cave2A man named Robert Three Eagles claims that a cavern he visited in southern Utah interconnects to a vast network of underground tunnels and was an emergence point for the remnant seed survivors mentioned and found in the legends of the Hopi, the Maya and other indigenous peoples.

Inside the cavern Three Eagles reported that the walls were highly polished with engraved scenes of the giants shooting ET’s in crafts out of the skies. On the cave floor by the wall drawings was long tubular type weapons as shown in the cave wall drawings. Three Eagles said that there were no bolts, screws or hinges on what were obviously weapons. He said that there were records on tablets and a large polished stone table, with an astrological engraving set for 12 and a large crystal sphere in the middle.

Off to one side were two boxes containing two ancient mummies, seemingly in suspended animation with their eyes wide open. He said that when you stared into their open eyes you could feel their presence as a living entity, not a dead one.

In his visit to the Cavern in Southern Utah, Three Eagles was allowed to make the following illustrations of the two Giants.


utah cave1They lay resting inside solid crystal, perfectly preserved! They had on royal looking breast plates and head pieces. He said their foreheads were shaped very different from anything on earth, protruding and prominent. Their hair was thin and reddish gold. At the base of the container that held each mummy was a black box which seemed to have some technology in it. Was this an advanced technology waiting for someone from our civilization to re-activate it and liquefy the solid crystal that they lay in? Three Eagles thought so!


Here is an artists depiction of another giant:

utah cave3

“The Female Giant was about 9 feet long with a gold breast plate and reddish blonde hair. A strange indentation on the forehead similar to old Atlantean features. The Male Giant was closer to 12 feet in length, with breast plate and a crown type hat, all of pure gold. The hair was the same as the female Watcher. Both lie in suspended animation awaiting.   .   .”  — Robert Three Eagles

Cloth and metal samples were analyzed by a forensics lab and found to be authentic and man made, but of an unknown culture.

utah test1utah test2

This site is located somewhere in between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks near the town of Kanab.  A similar story with tunnels and artifacts was told around the turn of the century, with a location somewhere inside the Grand Canyon.

Why aren’t we studying these sites today?  Is there something about our past that the government is trying to hide?


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2 Responses to “Ancient Mummified Giants in Southern Utah Cave”

  1. George Virl Osmond Says:

    I am a friend of Robert Three Eagles

    • Nick G. Says:

      George, being a friend of Three Eagles, has he talked to you about this information? Not asking you to divulge in anything you wouldn’t want to share, but being friends I would image one would feel it safe to confine in you.

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