Take the How Much Have I Been Lied To? Quiz

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Watch the slideshow of 78 pictures.  See which ones you recognize or can identify in general.  Score yourself:

A: You know 50 or more pictures

B: You know 40 pictures

C: You know 30 pictures

D: You know 20 Pictures

F: You have failed to realize the truth.  You have been lied to.  Go back to school.  Do more homework.  Refuse to live the lie.





Part 2:  Fill in the blank!

1.  There are  ________ suns with planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

2. Of these, there are ________ planets that host some form of life.

3. Of these, about __________ planets host human life.

4. Of these, _________ human civilizations are advanced, and __________ are lesser developed.



1.   About 570 billion suns have planets around them.

2.  About 7 Million of these sun systems have planets where life exist, both human and non human, meaning insects, fish animals etc.

3.  And within these, about 7 million sun systems, which have planets where any form of life exist, there are about 3.67 million human civilizations.

4. With the split 2,63 million highly developed and 1,04 million lower developed.



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