E.T. proof of Isreali war crimes in 2006

Beam of Light

Note: There are many conversations that expose the evil machinations of previous Israeli leaders, as well as leaders of other middle eastern countries, and western countries.  This is just an excerpt. 

CR 429/569

  • Date/time of contact: Wednesday, July 12th 2006, 3:07PM


… On Tuesday, the 25th of July it will come to pass in Lebanon that the Israeli Air Force will bomb a UN post, whereby UN soldiers stationed there will be killed.

This criminal act will be secretly planned and carried out with full intention which will, however, be denied by the Israeli government and the military forces.

The attack on the UN post will therefore result, because the Israeli government and their military force do not want to accept any UN troops who also keep a close eye on them, the Israelis, and the criminal machinations.

With the conduct of war in Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip…

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