How and Why the truth about E.T.s is covered up by the military industrial complex

Beam of Light

CR 441/569

Billy and Ptaah discuss the important “hows” and “whys” of the vast international conspiracy to conceal the truth about Extra-terrestrials and to hoax “alien” abductions/mutilation with the help of (back-engineered E.T.) terrestrial military-industrial antigravity vehicles, and much much more…

Date/time of contact: Saturday, February 3rd, 2007


Around 22 years have now passed since you and Quetzal told me privately that you had comprehensive cognitions in regard to terrestrial UFOs and the massacre of animals and alleged abductions which were disguised as the shoddy efforts of extraterrestrials.


You said thereby that, in regard to this, involved in these machinations are governments, the military, as well as industrial businesses and powerful ones of finance, which constitute a special group, to which still smaller groups are also related.


At that time you promised that you would officially explain more about that when the time is ripe for that.

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