More benevolent visitors, this time from Proxima Centauri


Trinidad, the 2nd of January 1976

Dear friends!

During my trip around the world, I have now landed in Trinidad. You will find the nest at the river MARMORE in the Llanos de Mojos in BOLIVIA. I have been here for three days, and have already seen many interesting things. I have already written many typewritten pages full with my impressions and experiences.

But yesterday, early in the morning, I had an experience which almost knocked me off my feet. At first I considered it to be hallucinations or a tropical frenzy, before I could convince myself that I was fully normal. Maybe you feel the same, when you read these my lines. However, you know me well and thus know that I am not a dreamer, therefore you simply have to believe to me, even though this will surely be difficult for you.

Everything is so incredible and crazy, that even today I search for faults in my sanity and I still think I must be dreaming. But nevertheless everything took place exactly this way as I am now writing it to you, still under the impression from my experience of yesterday, which for me was simply huge, I cannot express it in any other way. Do not mistake me for being crazy or sick, for I am neither the one nor the other. I am just as normal as you are, and as you know I am also not attached to fantasies. Let me now tell you my experience from yesterday:

“It was just 5 o’clock in the morning, when I crawled out of the bed and got myself ready, for on that day to walk to the more distant surrounding of Trinidad. About l0 minutes after I stood up, I observed something in the morning sky which I simply could not believe. I have indeed already heard of and read about flying saucers, but I have never thought about it nor believed in it.

I always looked at such claims as fantasies. But now such a flying saucer flew very quiet and without a sound over Trinidad. It went gradually lower and finally disappeared somewhere behind the bush. I thought I must be dreaming and rubbed my eyes, because what I just had seen could simply not be true. The saucer appeared to me from my standpoint to have the form of two large half round disks placed on top of the other just like a discus looks like.

I first sat down and thought about it. Perhaps, I would be better off to return to civilization and let myself be thoroughly examined by a doctor. But then I came to the conclusion that I ought to better first investigate the matter before deciding to take such a step. Thus, I took my compass and determined the exact direction where I believed to have seen the flying saucer go down. I then tied my bundle and marched off, continuing in the exact direction I had determined with my compass.

It was precisely east. With great effort and sweat, I fought my way further and further through the terrain and rampantly growing bush. It seemed to me as if I would never reach my goal and I soon wanted to give up and turn back. I had then already been underway for more than three hours and had still found nothing. I therefore must have suffered a hallucination, because I should have stumbled across the flying saucer long ago according to my calculation if it actually had existed.

To be sure, I continued to work my way through the hindering bush breathing heavily and soaking wet from sweat but was already inspired with the thought of turning back. Even so, I did not begin on my way back, because something drove me unstoppably forward. It was as if I just passively was pulled forward, as if by a magnet, against which I simply was unable to resist.

Then, another half-hour may have gone by like this; I thought I definitely was going crazy because through the bush I suddenly saw something very large with a metallic shine. At first I stood there stiff and in disbelief, but I then overcame myself and I struggled myself the rest of the way through.

And again, I thought I was dreaming because in a large clearing hovered a large discus of metal only about one metre (3 feet) above the ground, definitely about 14 or 15 meters ( 46 feet or 50 feet) in diameter.

What was incredibly about it was that no noise and no other sound could be heard and yet this discus hovered above the ground simply free in the air. As if rooted to the spot, I remained standing only about 20 meters (66 feet) away and stared over to the flying saucer in disbelief and not understanding. I was no longer able to think anymore and could no longer take a step. I am accustomed to quite a lot and quite hard-boiled from all my travels, but what I saw there simply left me frozen. It simply could not and was not allowed be true, because something like that simply could not exist.

I don’t know how long I actually stood there and did not move. I only know that something suddenly touched my arm and I then turned around without understanding and as if in a dream. What I saw left me even more frozen, because standing beside me, were two men in diving suits. I can still remember I was wondering about this and I asked myself why these two would be walking around in the middle of the bush in diving suits.

Only then did it dawn on me and I noticed many differences. The suits were visibly light and not as cumbersome as many diving suits known to me. Nor did the silvery colour correspond to the suits known to me. The two blond men also wore no helmets but had strange looking devices of different sizes and shapes on their suits. Still rigid, I was unable to speak a word although the men, who obviously belonged to the flying saucer, did not look vicious and even laughed friendly.

Then suddenly, one of them started speaking something but I could not understand a word of it. Then the second one also made an attempt, but with the same result, I did not understand a word. Their language also appeared totally strange to me but with a melodic and sympathetic sound that relaxed me somehow and seemed to release me from my rigidness.

Both the two men of about equal size, their size were about the same as mine, that is 174 centimetres (5.71 feet), now took me by the arms and led me towards their flying saucer, which I passively allowed the to do. About 5 meters (16.4 feet) in front of the saucer, they had erected some strange-looking things, under which also somewhat strange chairs or armchairs stood, in which we sat down in, whereas I, however, was still not able to utter a sound. With a friendly smile, one of the men spoke to me again, but I still could not understand anything. His speech, however, had the effect that the rigidness that had affected me, now completely was gone and I felt very calm. Then I was suddenly able to speak again. Astounded, I inquired in Spanish about this incident that was incomprehensible to me. But now obviously, I was not being understood.

I then made an attempt, in English but with the same result. The same thing also happened with my native German language. We simply could not communicate. Then one of the men spoke to me again in his melodious and pleasant language, while grasping his belt and switching around on some device hanging on it which was surely no larger than a package of cigarettes. While speaking, his language suddenly changed and just as suddenly I heard Spanish words, then French and suddenly German. I do not know why, but I was suddenly happily excited about it, something the men must have noticed, because the German language remained, and only now did I notice that the men were speaking to me in my mother language. I can still remember clearly what they first said:

“We can now communicate through our language converter. Be greeted and do not fear. We are here in peace and shall depart in peace.” Those were the first words that I was able to understand. And I will certainly never forget their exact wording. It was so greatly impressive to me that everything was deeply imbedded in my memory, you can sincerely believe me.

After we were able to communicate, I was asked whether I was able to retain everything in my memory, if they, these two men, were to explain various things to me. I answered this question affirmatively and explained, however, that I would write everything down in short hand simultaneously, if this was allowed, because I was a world traveller who earned my living by writing reports of my experiences. This would actually be very good, I was told, but they wanted to know what shorthand was.

I indeed wondered about this question, yet I answered it correctly, for which they thanked me. So I searched out my shorthand block and a pencil, and started to write it down word for word, everything that we talked about between us. So I can give you a true to the word copy of our conversation, which surely will set you in as much astonishment and nonbelieving, as myself. Yet let me tell you all in series, as I have written it down:

I am Kohun, said one of the two men.

I am called Athar, said the other introducing himself.

My name is Horst Fenner, I explained to both of them.

Do you live here in this wild country? Athar asked.

No, I am only a tourist here, as I am from Germany.

What is a tourist? Athar asked.

A visitor was my answer.

Then Athar and I are tourists, said Kohun.

How am I to understand that? was my question.

Kohun answered: We are not from this world, which you call earth.

And how am I supposed to further understand that? I asked astounded.

We come from the stars, answered Kohun, and we are not beings of this world.

I suppose you want to pull my leg, don’t you? I asked. I actually believed that what they said was a joke.

No, we come from the star, Proxima Centauri, as you call this group of stars, was Kohun’s answer. It is the closest solar system to this world – about 50 trillion kilometres (5.29 light years) away from here according to your method of calculation.

That cannot be. That is after all utopian, I opined.

(It is easier for me when I simply put the name of each speaker in front of each sentence. I will therefore write it like this:)

Kohun:  We are not joking.

Horst:  Then you must be humans from the stars?

Kohun:  That is what we are, if you want to call us that.

Horst:  I cannot believe that.

Kohun:  It is the truth.

Horst:  That is incredible. What are you doing here then?

Kohun:  We often come to earth. We are following the events here and observing the human development. Unfortunately, they are very far behind in their development due to religious misleading and political intrigues. The people of earth could cause great havoc due to their undesirable development and struggle for power through which also star systems farther away could become affected. That is why we come to earth and observe in order to be able to prevent the possibly worst from happening.

Horst:  That sounds indeed absolutely incredible..

Athar:  We are telling you the truth.

Horst:  If you are really telling the truth, what could the two of you actually do, if something were really to go wrong?

Kahun:  Have no reservations, we are not alone. Apart from us Centaurians, there are several other space races on earth, only they come from far more distant systems than we do.

Horst:  It all sound so utopian to me. But what do you want to do against the development on earth? After all, you cannot simply change everything by force. That would surely lead to a world war. And where do the other star people come from?

Kohun:  But I explained to you that we are telling you the truth. It is therefore not utopian. We also do not want to take any actions against earth. We have no right to do that and especially not by force, which is prohibited for us to use. So you do not need to fear a war from our side. We have many friends on earth, with whom we are in contact with, and who are working in a peaceful way for the well-being of mankind according to our instructions. They are spreading the knowledge about our existence and our mission. You call these fellow men contact persons. They work on our behalf and are therefore treated with hostility. They are accused of lying and of fraud, against which they unfortunately cannot defend themselves.

However, it is also unfortunately the case that amongst these good contactees elements intermix who only practice fraud and hoax which jeopardizes the task. In particular, the most important of all contact persons, is exposed to the greatest hostility and his life is even threatened. He is a man of highly significant value who became educated as the Prophet of the New Age. His task is the most important of all, for as a prophet to people on earth, he must once again bring the authentic teachings of the truth anew. These are the teachings you call the teachings of the spirit. These teachings are conveyed to him from the highest of all spirit realms in connection with space races from the Lyra Constellation, the stars of the Pleiades, and the DAL universe.

But in addition to these, there are a number of other space races residing on earth or coming here regularly. But the greatest and most important tasks are fully carried out by the space races who come from the Pleiades, because they are the distant descendants of the ancestors of the earth humans. That is why the great task falls within their realm of authority. These space races have three different stations on earth under the leadership of a commander by the name of QUETZAL, whose representative is a female being who is about 350 earth years old. She is called SEMJASE and is the daughter of the most powerful commander of the Pleiadian space fleet. The earthly contact person of the Pleiadian race is a man of about 40 years of age who lives in a country you call Switzerland. His name is known to us as BILLY.

In total number there are six different space races stationed on earth and on the neighbouring stars of Venus and Mars, but where there are very few on very small stations. The number of these residents on Venus and Mars only come to about fifty, because these planets are absolutely uninhabitable and are extremely hostile to life, like all the other planetary bodies of this solar system, in which only the earth is habitable and actually carries life in material and spiritual form, as is known to you. A fact, which also ought to be confirmed by your science soon, despite lying claims by hoaxers and fraudsters to the contrary, who pretend to have had, or that they to this day still maintain, contact with us.

Horst:  That is unbelievable, is that really all true?

Athar:  We are telling the truth.

Horst:  I simply cannot believe it. It all sounds like a utopian horror.

Kohun:  Our information nevertheless corresponds to the truth.

Horst:  I suppose I have to believe it, whether I want to or not. Your flying saucer alone proves to me that you must be right.

Athar:  We call our flight devices beam ships.

Horst:  May I know something about its propulsion?

Kohun:  We are not permitted to give information about such things.

Horst:  What a shame.

Athar:  It would be a great help to us, if you could offer us your assistance.

Horst:  Gladly, what can I help you with?

Athar:  We would like to entrust you with a task in connection with our existence.

Horst:  Should I write something about you?

Kohun:  That would be very useful for our task.

Horst:  I cannot do that. I am not crazy. No one would buy that story from me, and I would be declared insane. I cannot accept that.

Kohun:  As you will, then our efforts were in vain. You must leave us now.

Horst:  Wait, I did not mean it like that. Perhaps I could give it a try, if I were to remain anonymous.

Athar:  How are we to understand that?

Horst:  Simply that I do not reveal my name.

Kohun:  That does not serve the cause.

Horst:  What should I do then?

Kohun:  You would have to go public as our contact person.

Horst:  I cannot do that. I am not that crazy.

Athar:  Then our discussion is ended.

Horst:  It is indeed a real pity, but you must understand my situation.

Kohun:  If this is your final decision, then our conversation has come to an end.

Horst:  I guess so, but I simply cannot do it. Could you not at least answer another question?

Kohun:  If it does not relate to our flight devices and equipment, it is alright.

Horst:  You just spoke of persons who call themselves contact persons but are not really such. Because I have once read several names that I have retained in my memory. One of them was called Adami, or something like that, another one Genovesa and yet another one Michalek. Could you tell me something about them?

Athar:  Why does that interest you, as you otherwise will only wrap yourself in silence?

Horst:  It is merely a question. On the other hand, you have convinced me that you must really come from the stars, I would like to learn and further educate myself. I simply cannot go public in order to fulfil your wish. On the one hand, no one would believe a word I say and on the other hand, I am simply not the suitable person.

Kohun:  You may well be right. It is also your right to know the truth. The names you mentioned are well known to us, but you mispronounced them: The first is called ADAMSKI, the second, Genovese, and the third, Michalek. These are not names of real contact persons, but of malicious swindlers. Neither one nor the other of them has ever had contact with us or any of the other space races.

To the best of our knowledge, they have also never even sighted one of our beam ships. These three are not the only frauds of this kind. There are very many of them. If you hear at a later time such names as Zilar, Menger, Miller and Nelson or Castillo, Siracusa… then you can be sure that these are definitely the names of frauds.

Horst:  Wow, are there so many then?

Athar:  There are still many more, but they are quite few as opposed to the real contact persons. Would you not still consider to work for our task?

Horst:  It is tempting, but I really cannot do it. Perhaps later, I would first of all like to talk in-depth about these things to someone who knows of the entire matter and is well informed. Could you give me the name of someone?

Kohun:  Turn directly to the most important man of all. But you cannot take over your task only at a later time because you must make up your mind now. Either you already know what you can take responsibility for and what your duty is, or we have to do without your help. We must be strict in this regard.

Horst:  Then I have to pass, because I cannot make a decision now. To bad. I will consider everything and perhaps at least try to publish this experience with you.

Athar:  That would be a pleasure for us and it would definitely also be useful. But you must really go now because we have other work to do. It is too bad that we have guided you here in vain. Go in peace and be not afraid.

Dear friends, I was able to write the entire conversation word for word up to this point, and in the end, everything no longer seemed so fantastic. After a few more friendly words, we said goodbye to each other and I walked for hours back to Trinidad, arriving there shortly before nightfall. I lay awake the entire night and thought about everything. I found that I had acted rather stupid because I could perhaps have learned much more form Kohun and Athar through a feigned promise.

But I was so confused yesterday through the experience that I did not even think of it. All I thought about was that I might be labelled crazy if I were to actually publicize something. I really do not know what I am supposed to think of all this or whether I am dreaming.

That is why I am writing you and eagerly await a response from you soon. Perhaps I did the right thing or perhaps the wrong thing. Please speak to my father about it and to the pastor and ask them for their opinion, and let me know their answers soon. Also ask the pastor whether the conversation I recorded should really be made public or not.

If he thinks I should, then please do so. But I would then like to request, that neither my address nor your address be mentioned because I do not wish to be harassed after my return home. If you mention only your address, they would also inevitably stumble across me, which I would definitely like to avoid what you surely can understand. So if you publicize it, then no extra tours and no hastiness. I am anxiously awaiting a response with your opinion. In about one month, I should be in LA PAZ where you can reach me at the usual address. Until then, all the best and kind regards to everyone.

Your globetrotter friend,

Horst (signed in handwriting)



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2 Responses to “More benevolent visitors, this time from Proxima Centauri”

  1. gregdougall Says:

    a.k.a. How to blow the opportunity of a lifetime!

  2. German Says:

    Dear Horst,
    Thank You! for sharing you story; it might help someone else to learn: that, In Life, there are times where It comes a Moment like what you had, and you define the moment, or the moment defines you, the Great opportunity is never lost it just goes to someone else.I could recommend to look (in You Tube) for Sheldon Nidle or Alex Coullier, they are contacts for the Galactic Federation Of Light.

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