How Democracy and Voting work on the Planet Erra

Beam of Light

CR 582/569

Ptaah: Our peoples are all living in a democracy, of the freedom and of the peace, so therefore no comparison can be drawn to what is happening on the Earth. There would have to exist ​​very big efforts, in order to pacify to all the countries and peoples of the earth, if the same conditions should apply, as is the case with us on Erra. Thus no dictatorship, no hostilities, no despotism and otherwise no other Gewalt-dominations [brute force] of any kind may prevail, but only a purely democratic peoples-determining authority. Every Empire and Kingdom, as well as every republic – even if they call themselves democratic – correspond to no more than dictatorships, because in these, only those who have might, who themselves are able to make determinations, prevail with Gewalt [brute force] and coercion. In addition, I must say – how you have already mentioned this…

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