5 Day Trip to the Edge of the Universe and Back

Beam of Light

CR 31/582

The space journey. An overview

This is an overview of the travel destinations and rotation. Listed by the same sequential order they appear in the contact.

Catalogue and Destination / Star Constellation/ Distance from Earth  /Comments

Earth         Departing Switzerland 17 July 1975 at 10.14 h



Other Planets in our solar system

Earth         Back above at 16.30 h to watch the Apollo-Soyuz coupling.

The Mothership. Positioned in our solar system. Boarding the mothership to

continue the journey further into space.  Travelling at 289,000

kilometers per second for 30 minutes to location where undertaking first hyperspace jump.

M45           Beyond the Pleiades in Taurus 500 Light years from Earth (their distance)

M42           Orion Nebula in Orion 1800 Light Years from Earth (our distance).

M1             Crab Nebula in Taurus 3150 Light years from Earth (our distance).

B33           Viewing position in space 1810 Light Years from Earth (their distance).

Observing the Horsehead Nebula in Orion from…

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