Philae allegedly crash lands in the dark, has 24 hours to live

Rosetta is a near failure, and yet the ESA is nothing but awkward high fives.   If you’ve heard the sounds and listened to Mythi’s video, 67P already has E.T. mining activity.  But don’t expect any truth from the mainstream media…including  this:

Last chance for Rosetta probe? Scientists prepare to make Philae landing craft ‘hop’ into better position on surface of comet as clock ticks on fading battery power

  • Lander is stuck in partial darkness near a cliff on the rim of a crater
  • It is not getting enough sunlight to keep it alive so engineers may try to get it to ‘hop’ using its landing gear
  • But there might not be enough power to do this until the comet gets closer to the sun in a few months
  • This could mean the lander has to go into hibernation for a few months until it can ‘come back from the dead’  
  • Its main battery only has about 24 hours of power left and the probe needs to receive more sunlight to survive
  • Earlier Philae sent back the first ever images from the surface of a comet, confirming it was in darkness   
  • Probe bounced twice – once up to 0.62 miles (1km) then again to 65ft (20 metres) – before coming to a rest
  • Comet’s surface was described as being more like a ‘trampoline’ than rock, owing to soft and powdery texture

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