Rosetta and Philae success a COMPLETE LIE? Allegedly missed target by 9000 miles

Captain Bill 

message a day ago:
Friends, yesterday after reading the considerations that began swirling on the internet about Rosetta mission, I managed to communicate with Mythi and asked if he could do me a favor and check out what really happened, and he successfully contacted the mining unit on the asteroid 67P (which is an asteroid and not a comet, as has been erroneously called). The answer was as follows:

– “We note the passing of an artificial object, to an average of 15000km abeam* of our unit, but it did not make any maneuver to orbit this asteroid, nor released any object on the surface, just passed and disappeared into space.”.

That was the answer, so any mention, picture or information otherwise is outright lie. The mission of 10 years and a billion dollars failed miserably.

This spacecraft is dead right now. They could not fire the jets to redirect her after 10 years inactive. She traveled there by inertia without using engine because vacuum have no friction, only with an EPIRB on, sending signals from time to time .. The equipment aged with the bombardment of cosmic radiation and the mission failed invariably. Nothing to report …

They are doing this theater because if you say you failed is simply admitting incompetence, you say it got there but an unforeseen happened is something else … only theater to justify a “partial success “never happened …


[uhbeem] /əˈbim/ 


1.  Nautical, Aeronautics. at right angles to the fore-and-aft line:

The vessel was sailing with the wind directly abeam.
2. directly abreast the middle of a ship’s side.

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2 Responses to “Rosetta and Philae success a COMPLETE LIE? Allegedly missed target by 9000 miles”

  1. gregdougall Says:

    Every step of reporting on this was EXCUSES and lies, no videos, we don’t know where the lander is, oh it’s in the dark, blah, blah, blah, they were over-celebrating everything, all lies and propaganda!

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