How the Pineal Gland is connected to the Paranormal

Beam of Light

Fine-Fluidalness of the Fine-Spiritual Perception, Telepathy, Levitation and Teleportation, etc.

Explanation by Ptaah

Translation by Mariann Uehlinger, 7th October, 2014
Only the natural world that exists in material and fine-fluidal form corresponds to the reality, and also only in the reality is the effective truth pre-given; therefore the truth can nowhere else be found than in the reality itself. All of this says that the natural world not only has a material reality and truth, but also a fine-fluidal reality and truth. Thereby, fine-fluidalness – which is a fine-fluidal-consciousness-energetical factor – has effectively to be understood as a high-fine-fluidalness, because it corresponds to a purely spirit-energetical nature that is formed manifold times finer than the fine-fluidalness that builds a symbiosis with the purely material. At the present time, the human being of Earth is not yet able to comprehend, measure and make cognizable fine-fluidal energies by physical means, although he/she…

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