The definitive purpose of life, death, afterlife and rebirth

Beam of Light

What all human beings of Earth should know!
What must be said about the creational-natural law of the reincarnation of the human spirit-form, as well as regarding the fact that a human being’s responsibility does not stop with regard to life and death, because he/she is the guardian of it (life and death) and of him/herself.
But also regarding his/her repeated lives as always new personalities, everything demands from the human being a strict, inevitable and comprehensively complying responsibility, as it is determined by the creational-natural principles.
Human being of the Earth, you are erring greatly when you think that death is the end of your spirit, your life and your continuous existence.
Actually, regarding this matter, it is not so as you generally erroneously assume.
It is not the case that through death your entire existence ends and that everything of you is irrevocably erased and extinguished, as you…

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