Are you handcuffed to your phone and addicted to entertainment? That’s just what ISIS needs.

by Michael Horn

In the face of the recent, unexpected call from Billy Meier and the Plejaren for the formation of a multi-national military coalition to stop the IS, many people have gotten stuck playing the blame game. Some have reacted with predictable finger pointing towards the USA and the CIA, which is certainly not unfounded, though not particularly helpful at the moment. Not only is the atrocious record of US aggression staggering but, as Meier points out, the fraudulent Iraq war is another underlying, causal factor in bringing about the existence and atrocities of the IS.

This singular call to arms from Meier and the Plejaren advocating military action against a specific group has caused, or illuminated, a deer-in-the-headlights paralysis that is symptomatic of the moral confusion that plagues many people. It’s prevalent among those who focus more on their hate for the USA than on standing for the truth and what’s right, good and urgently necessary.


In The Silent Revolution of Truth, while displaying the various weapons in his gun cabinet, Meier explains that self-defense is both a right and responsibility and that using weapons to defend oneself – and others – is an absolute right. One should never use a weapon and take the life of another human being unless they have no other option in order to defend themselves or others. What is being called for is nothing less than global self-defense against a genocidal maniac and his sadistic band of armed militants, now estimated at over 100,000 and growing. And make no mistake about it, Meier’s description of Al-Baghdadi as the contemporary Pied Piper is being proved painfully accurate.

Some people also fall for the latest online conspiracy chatter that Al-Baghdadi is really an Israeli Mossad agent and not an Iraqi. Well that settles it, if this guy isn’t an Iraqi then I guess it’s okay to let him kill any and everyone, which would be a strange irony in itself, allowing an alleged Israeli to embark on a holocaust because he’s not really an Islamic terrorist. The truth is that it doesn’t matter who the leader of the IS is or will be, because of the way in which the leadership is structured. The IS is not just a small band of penniless misfits, nor a bunch of online addicts with phony screen names. While rumors that the CIA, etc., are financing them may or may not be true, it appears that they’ve gotten their hands on some serious money and not from selling cookies.

While one can’t stop an ideology through bombing, etc., it’s quite clear that the nasty old law of cause and effect has delivered unto us that which we didn’t realize we were creating, and there is every reason to recognize the intention and determination, if not the hyperbole, behind the latest threats, which now include the potential use of some type of “weapons of mass destruction”, perhaps even nuclear.

The Weakness of the West

Meier considers the west to be too weak to be effective in dealing with this threat, along with the French who are themselves on schedule to be overthrown from within by radical Islamists, as they faithfully fulfill the Henoch Prophecies. Sure, there are plenty of people going to gyms, taking martial arts and learning how to shoot guns. But that doesn’t automatically equate with being courageous, willing to stand for something, etc. In fact, many people do these things out of fear, boredom or simply wanting to look good.


Take a look around. See all those people frantically texting on their phones? Notice how they look…handcuffed to their devices? So preoccupied with being entertained, amused, high and mindless, in possession of every possible techno toy, we’re cultivating a nation of shallow, self-absorbed individuals who dwell in selfie-satisfied phantasmagoria, safely playing out roles online, believing silly, self-created legends of strength, power and courage. We need to snap out of the video game mindset, pretending to be imaginary super-heroes, worshipping the sports stars we live through vicariously, etc.

Having grown up in the 50s and 60s amidst the civil rights and anti-war movements (though I was no great activist myself), I gag at what many people today – especially in universities and colleges – consider to be pressing social issues. At the forefront of their concerns are topics like: gay marriage, transgender issues, legalizing marijuana and, of course, Harvard’s seminar on anal sex.

When my film, And Did They Listen?, was banned at ASU, I initially thought it was just a fluke, an overreaction by a highly religious person, so frightened at both the content of the film and her inability to rebut a single part of it that she was determined that no one else at the school would see it.

Apparently it was no fluke. I recently submitted the film to Austin, a writer for the Lumberjack student newspaper at NAU. I approached him because he was a science writer for the paper and he recently had a column where he skewered a phony psychic. I figured that at best he could recommend that I present the Meier material at the school, or at the very least he could try to debunk the film, etc.

Instead of either option, I received an email from him that contained the following paragraph:

“I watched the film today. It was quite interesting and I think you did a good job of explaining the background getting your point across. That being said, I can understand why ASU and NAU would not screen it. There were a few politically charged comments about abortion and population control that I am sure these schools would not care to support. Also, you managed to say that the whole thing is not about belief, but still managed to talk about reincarnation and telepathic communication like they are proven phenomena, which they are not.”

Yes, he actually said that those “politically charged comments about abortion and population control” and the fact that I talked about “reincarnation and telepathic communication” were too hot to handle. In other words, where real controversy and discussion were once among the things that people expected from, and went to universities for, now both faculty and students have succumbed to being spineless wimps who don’t want to rock the boat, be confronted by different opinions, or that which they know nothing about. Again, Austin didn’t attempt to debunk anything in the film. He just shivered in his boots at the thought of not being politically correct…in a world where people are publicly beheaded.

Intellectually handcuffed.

Alexandra has a mailing list of well over 75,000 to whom she sends various news items everyday. She went back and forth with me through a half-dozen email exchanges about why she wouldn’t forward the petition information to her list. Of course it was all about the evil US government, Israel, etc. But then in her last, angry email to me she admitted that she actually…hadn’t read either the long or short versions of the petition. It’s simply enough to be angry and not have to deal with reason.

Emotionally handcuffed.

There Is a Key

Those of us who are familiar with the Meier material and its the focus on love, peace, freedom and harmony, are probably among the last on Earth who want to see any further military involvement, etc. But as one person recently commented on my blog, this just may be a case of “you broke it, you fix it” or better yet “you join with others to fix it”. Sure, the idea of American military action “fixing” anything for the better doesn’t seem like such a good, workable idea to many people in the world, especially those who’ve for decades been on the receiving end of covert and overt US military actions. We understand that. (Although it seems that we still have irresistible suicidal impulses.)

But let’s revisit this from Meier’s 1958 Letter:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.*

It’s time to wake up not only to this particular prophecy, which is fulfilling itself right under humanity’s sleepy eyes, but to all of the warnings, to the mission and all that it contains. Of special importance is the spiritual teaching, which is the key to help us assure our own very threatened future survival. If events continue to unfold, to spiral out of control, there will be many voices crying out, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?” The truth is that somebody did but too few were listening. And too few troubled themselves to pick up that key, put it in the lock and turn it.


2 Responses to “Are you handcuffed to your phone and addicted to entertainment? That’s just what ISIS needs.”

  1. Rino Says:

    The Problem with M.H is that he don’t want to understand the fact that Isis is just another puppet(consequences)
    Of the presence(ruling-rulers)of the Americano-Sionist people(gouvernements and fanatic)

    He call us to do (whatever it is…)to stop that
    As if another false created terrorist group our false ennemy cannot be created by the Same people!

    Beware(intelligent):Attack the source and you ll stop all the problem in this World(YKWIM)

  2. gregdougall Says:

    I see what you are saying. He knows that the American government and secret services are the cause of many past and present problems. I think what his point of view is, “ISIS exists, how do we get rid of it?”

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