His Birthday is February 3rd, Not December 25th

To all those who want to try and de-convert their family members this December, try this:  Every time someone says “Jesus”, say “You mean, Jmmanuel?”

Every time. :)

Tell them that a biblical expert and professor named Jim Deardorff studied a document called the Talmud of Jmmanuel for 20 years, and determined that it was written before the gospel of Matthew, making it the only account of Jmmanuel written during his lifetime.

Tell them he was born on February 3rd, was married, and had children. Tell them he went into a near-death state, did not die, but recovered after three days in the tomb and went on to continue teaching around the world. Tell them he was never Jewish, and never wanted to start a religion, but only teach that no person or thing stands above Creation, which is a genderless unmeasurable all encompassing force that provides us with an eternal spirit. Tell them that when our body dies, our spirit lives on and reincarnates into a new person with a new personality, over and over until we eventually merge with Creation. https://billymeier.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/the-definitive-purpose-of-life-death-afterlife-and-rebirth/

Tell them the universe is trillions of years old. Finally, tell them that “gods” were only ever human “kings of wisdom”, and some of them ruled over different human races. Some of their names were Pelegon, Arus, Jehova, and Semjasa. Tell them that religions have attempted to hide this information since they created it all 1700 years ago in order to make people subservient and submissive. Tell them that prayers are not answered by anyone else except by your own consciousness. https://gregdougall.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/if-you-need-a-prayer-to-pray/

Tell them that the true non-religious teachings of the real prophets are in a free book called the Goblet of the Truth. https://billymeier.wordpress.com/downloads/ Tell them that all religions are flawed for various reasons, and it’s our responsibility to stop the cycle of madness that is causing world wide and country wide hatred, violence, and separation so that future generations don’t continue to massacre each other or just live a gigantic lie for the rest of their lives.

Finally, tell them that the truth is so much bigger and better than we were taught, and to follow this trail of research is more important than anything in the news, any TV show, any movie, any sport, singer, celebrity, politician, or product.

And if they give you a hard time, read them this:

…To be considered are also the unbelievably terrible things of the unrealistic cult-religions and numerous sects which since ancient times have executed religious and sectarian wars as well as religious and sectarian terrorism in the world, and which since time immemorial demanded countless human lives.
The undisputable fact, that since ancient times until today not only millions, but billions of human beings have been and continue to be brutally and barbarically tortured, massacred and murdered, should get all those who deeply believe in, dedicate themselves, and are submissively dependent on religions and sects, to think and get in touch with their conscience.
It should be realized that the religions and sects are attacking the human beings of the Earth with irrational teachings, are making fools of them, are making them dependent, belief-oriented without hope of rescue and putting them in bondage, in the same way as they are driven into the clutches of fear, terror and feelings of guilt through false, confused and irrational dogmas and threats of “godly” punishment.
The irrational connection regarding God and the Son of God as well as religion- and sectarian-based forms of beliefs and cults effectuate not only a general unknowledgeness, confusion and delusional guidance, but also fear of the reality and the resulting truth, that which can solely and exclusively come forth from the reality of the actual existence of everything existing and from the facts of the concerns of the spirit, of life and death as well as the entire creational-natural laws and recommendations.
All the religious and sectarian as well as false philosophical, irrational teachings lead to a boundless confusion and unknowledge of the believers, in which case, the creational-natural laws and recommendations are completely disregarded, are treaded down with the feet, are neglected and insulted as senseless.

And secondly, through the religious delusion, the hatred against those of different faiths or against strangers is ever more intensified into a delusion, through which all rational thoughts are nipped in the bud and malicious feelings, words, deeds and actions result which are only oriented towards judging human beings of different faiths and from foreign countries as dirty bastards and stinking vermin and to treat them as such.
That is when, e.g. in the case of the Christians that “being Christian” finds expression, or in the case of the members of other religions and sects, that which is called their “goodness” or “love”, according to the principle: “If you don’t want to be my brother, I will smash your skull.” And that is what is exactly taught in the so-called “houses of God” with regard to the “saints” teaching on the one hand that, based on God’s word, love shall prevail, but enemies should be fought if necessary.
So the believers of the religions and sects are streaming into their “houses of God” and are

listening partially to the words of their “clerics”, in order to afterwards leave the “God’s place” again and continue indulging in all vices and all evil, in order to hate human beings of other faiths and from foreign countries and inflict suffering and harm to them, and to do unright everywhere in all kinds of forms, and indeed, even against the fellow human beings.

Therefore, the human beings must finally think over their unknowledgeness and their submissive dependence and attitude regarding an imaginary godhead and concerning gods and tin gods etc. and give up their deluded belief, in order to become autonomous and internally free human beings, who purposefully and with a sense of responsibility determine over themselves.
Unknowledgeness and religious-sectarian belief must be replaced by the effective truth which comes from the reality, so that from it, love, freedom, joy, knowledge and wisdom as well as harmony, peace and happiness can result in an inner and external manner.

…In the Christian world, the blame for this undoubtedly lies fairly and squarely at the door of the Roman Catholic church. Christianity, as a monotheistic and strictly autocratically oriented religion, is guilty of developing completely new, evil and directions of thought and forms of state after the fall of the despotic Roman Empire, which spread all over Earth and under which all human beings are suffering in the new time.

It was in particular the Roman Catholic church that inherited the practices of the inhuman Roman Imperium, establishing an evil, consciousness-conditioned tyranny in the place of the former Roman military tyranny, which reached its accumulation in the Inquisition, but has continued uninterrupted since then – even if in a reduced form. Christianity in general – and its numerous sects – imposed a vast narrow-mindedness by dictating monotheism, a philosophy which hatefully excludes anyone who thinks and believes otherwise.

Within the whole of Christianity and its sects, as well as in all other religions and their sects, absolute servitude reigns with regard to the obligation on believing the fallacious religious and sectarian teachings, therefore no consciousness-based liberty is tolerated but is instead condemned and dealt with as an outrage and heresy.

A liberal thinking predicated on the Creation and nature with no religious divinity anchored in it or to be prayed to is not allowed, which means that the human being who has lapsed into a religious belief cannot either find or follow the way to the effective truth of the creational and therefore to the Creationally given laws and recommendations.

Fear and terror as well as threats of divine punishment bar the way of devout members of religions and sects to the real truth of the Creation and therefore also the way to the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life, making this into a crime against God and the beliefs.

Birthdays of the Seven Prophets of the Nokodemion line can be found here:


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