Even E.T.s have their own SETI

Beam of Light

Extract from 345th Official Contact Report

An unauthorized and unapproved translation by Larry Driscoll on February 25, 2015


Of course. I know, because Quetzal reported to me regarding this probe. However, he was of the opinion that your expedition was to last still a longer time. Now, however start shooting – briefly and succinctly. What arises from the foreign universe? You must not be detailed, but just briefly and succinctly describe the most important events. We can talk about it at a later time in detail, as you say.


  1. So then listen:
  2. Actually it appeared, that we must extend our expedition still several months, but then success arrived unexpectedly.
  3. First, after a many month long search we found a planet, on which rather still wild humans lived, who were only equipped with stone axes, stone spears and stone knives.


Thus, cave men, respectively Stone Age humans or…

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One Response to “Even E.T.s have their own SETI”

  1. Vimal shankra Says:

    When will all Americans (teens) grow up and begin to ponder and conduct as grownups .Stop throwing your tantrums and act like good humans and mature beings who are open to mind openings that this milliniem has to provide to all of us together by higher beings and by nature as such .The fact is whether you like or lump it the new tidings has already begun…so guys keep crying or keep smiling.Thanks for reading and this is for all Earthlings not just US including we Asians ,Indians etc etc.

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