Mythi update 131


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  1. Vimal shankra Says:

    I have heard Mythi(Capt.Bill)from1to 131 three times over a period of two months in Jan.&Feb 2015 and the Internet News of every nation ,NASA (secrets news),news of UFO sitings, earth new ,the cosmology news ,the science daily news,and all other chanels that show and give daily updates,including the secret NASA leaked news about alien space crafts and the ISS flashes and even updated myself with news and history about Acturians,Pleiades, Reptilians&Greys aliens visiting Earth for over millienieums ,and I have to say that this great guy named Mythi(Capt.Bill)introduced is Indeed the Benefactor of Humans living on Earth and Speaks The Truth who has been sent here as the messenger of’ Supreme Grace Light ‘ for making us Aware that there are Beings that are steadfast and care and have concern for Humans to somehow with their super advanced technology and engineering’s manage and regulate and ease the rough tidings of change .This indeed demonstrates the great love for the humanity as whole for us and for cosmos we all dwell and live. We all earthlings fighting and clambering for each other and one another’s lives need to deeply ponder and contemplate and urge for Love for Humanity just LOVE for All Beings on Earth and Cosmos.Mythi you are just great guy that has begun the Mind Openings of all of us and shall ever be always .Let the GOD’S Grace and Love be Your guide for Cosmos.Mythi I have a request to make ,I have for my awareness raised some querries and needed answers for those dated 30th March 2015(or 1st April 2015) would you be kind enough to answer all and oblige me .I am an Indian earthling sir !

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