Let’s Talk About Spiritual Evolution

Arie says:

The Spiritual Teachings is the most clear and present source of truth and wisdom – it is the ultimate tool. if I may, I would like to second Michael and perhaps offer that we begin to study the teachings so that we might all learn from each other, help each other understand the lessons, grow and wake up together (each according to their ability and contribution).

Here are some light and inspiring ways to learn/study/share Ruben Dari of the Canadian Group has created which I find to be a good spark driver for deeper dives.

Over the past few years I have had The Might of the Thought, The Psyche and the GOTT at my bed side, in my study room and in my car….I would SO welcome an opportunity where we can all study the Spiritual Teachings together, share insights, perspectives, understanding and techniques that work for the furthering of our spiritual evolution. I echo Michael’s recommendation and resonate with it deeply.


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